Helston & Porthleven

Twisted Currant Fore Street, Porthleven, TR13 9HJ     W twistedcurrant.co.uk     T 01326 565999     E info@twistedcurrant.co.uk     Mon-Sun 9am-8pm     Cafe with vegan options on the menu including baked potatoes, Homemade soups, sandwiches, a large selection of cakes & scones and daily specials.  They use ground linseed as an egg substitute and are always keen to get new recipes from customers to broaden their range.

Boo Koos  32 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8AB     9+ vegan dishes  LABELLED VEGAN   They have a vegan menu available that includes 3 vegan falafel hot dogs, fries, bean burger and a few sides.  Updated 08/16

The Corner Deli, 12 Fore Street, Porthleven, Helston, TR13 9HJ.     Tel: 01326 565554     Evenings: Pizza basese are made without milk so cheese can be replaced with olive oil and choice of vegetable toppings is available. Lunchtime: Soup is often vegan, sandwiches made with homemade humous, roast veg, rocket, baguettes or flat bread (ask for no butter), soya milk also available.

Nauti but Ice Ltd, Commercial Road, Porthleven, Helston, TR13 9JE.     Tel: 01326 573747     4+ vegan dishes    Explain your vegan as the staff are very helpful.  The pasta salad, green salad, carrot & lemon juice salad or puy lentil & roast veg pepper salad are all vegan and if they have a sorbet it is usually vegan.  The scones are not suitable because they are egg washed but don’t contain butter so if you gave notice they may be able to make these suitable.  The chips are cooked in the same oil as the meat products.  Next to Porthleven Harbour.

Moonflower Restaurant & Takeaway, Church View, Fore Street, Porthleven, Helston, TR13 9HQ.     Tel: 01326 562973     24+ vegan dishes     They pride themselves on being able to provide vegetarian & vegan food.  Some of the staff have a good understanding of this and we now have in writing dishes that are suitable for vegans with no alterations, these are: vegetable soup, vegetarian pancake rolls (contain beancurd), mushroom curry, sweet n sour beancurd, sweet n sour vegetables, mixed vegetables, vegetable chow mein, mushroom chow mein, vegetable curry, kungbo vegetables, szechuan vegetables, mixed vegetables in black bean sauce, satay vegetables, boiled rice, vegetable samosas, onion rings, chips, noodles, beansprouts, bamboo shoots & water, chestnuts, mushrooms, curry sauce, sweet n sour sauce.  On request they can also do: tampora vegetables, beancurd curry, beancurd with black bean sauce with a choice of mushrooms or green pepper, beancurd with ginger & spring onion, fried onion.  They can also alter the following dishes to be vegan: vermicelli with vegetable, vermicelli with mushrooms, fried rice, vegetable rice, mushroom rice (these dishes need to be asked to have no egg).  All their food is cooked in vegetable oil.

Old Inn Mullion, Churchtown, Mullion, TR12 7HN.     Tel: 01326 240240     www.oldinnmullion.co.uk  The landlady is a vegetarian bordering on vegan and has trained her staff to offer  good vegetarian and vegan options.  They also have a couple of labelled vegetarian wines.

Anns Pasties, The Pasty Barn, Treprison Business Park, Helston, TR13 0QD.     Tel: 01326 572282     The Lizard Pasty Shop, 3 Beacon Terrace, Lizard, Helston, TR12 7PB.     Tel: 01326 290889    http://www.annspasties.co.uk     E enquiries@annspasties.co.uk     Mon-Sat 9am-3pm, Sundays in high season 9am-2pm.     LABELLED VEGAN pasties ordered on website are £3.10.

The Pasty Line, 13 Church Street, Helston, TR13 8TD.     Tel: 01326 573738 or shop 07890 787704     http://www.pastyline.co.uk     E enquiries@thepastyline.co.uk     Shop open Mon-Fri 10am-2pm     They state on their website that vegetarian or vegan pasties can be reserved by telephone.  They are strict on using separate trays and utensils for cooking and preparation.  The mediterranean veg pasty in wholemeal is awesome.

The Natural Store, 3 The Parade, Trengrouse Way, Helston, TR13 8AX.     Tel: 01326 564226     Health food shop.

Warrens Bakery  6 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8AB.     Tel: 01326 564341     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant, 4 Wendron Street, Helston, TR13 8PS.     Tel: 01326 569300     Pasta dishes can be made vegan if you request and the pizza bases are vegan and they are happy to do these without cheese.

Cornish Curry Company, Parc Wartha House, Churchtown, Helston, TR12 7BZ.     Tel: 01326 240016     They have a good understanding of veganism.  All the vegetarian curries except the massala is vegan as this contains cream.  They are happy to leave the cream out to make this vegan if you request when ordering.

Smugglers fish & chip shop, 1 Kynance Terrace, Helston, TR12 7NH.     Tel: 01326 290763     The chips are cooked in palm oil seperate from the meat and fish products and the veggie burger is suitable for vegans.  The staff are helpful with the vegan thing.

Park Coffee Shop, 5 Gilbert Court, Horse & Jockey Lane, Helston, TR13 8AD.     Tel: 01326 565534     If you explain your vegan, they usually stock Linda McCartney sausages for their vegetarian breakfasts.

The Copper Kettle B&B, 33 Fore Street, Porthleven, TR13 9HQ.     Tel: 01326 565660     www.cornishcopperkettle.com  tsue.copperkettle@btinternet.com     The owner is vegan and can cater for vegans with no problems.     Near to Porthleven harbour and beach.

Kota Restaurant, Harbour Head, Porthleven, TR13 9JA.     Tel: 01326 562407     Can cater for vegans with notice.  A recent vegan guest was very impressed with the food and the helpfulness of the staff.

Gallen Treath Guest House Porthallow, St Keverne, Helston, TR12 6PL     T 01326 280400     http://www.gallen-treath.com     E gallentreath@btclick.com     One of the owners is a vegetarian and they cater for vegetarians, vegans and special diets.     Updated 05/16

The Old Cellars Restaurant, Cadgwith, Helston, TR12 7JU.     Tel: 01326 290727     They could do a vegetable bolognese or butternut squash ratatouille suitable for vegans if you ask preferrably with prior notice.  Recent vegan guests have been impressed by the food.

Carmelin B&B, The Lizard, Helston, TR12 7NY.     Tel: 01326 290677       Special diets can be catered for in advance. Food includes homemade muesli, homemade preserves, marmalades and nut butters, orange and berry juices.

Shipwright Arms Helston, TR12 6JX     01326 231235     http://www.shipwrightshelford.co.uk     A recent vegan visitor rang the day before asking for a vegan roast.  They were very happy to accommodate and they had a nut roast and tomato sauce that they described as lush.

Rowes Bakery, 36 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8QY.  http://www.rowesbakers.co.uk    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17

Anglo Asia, 2 The Parade, Helston, TR13 8RT.     Tel: 01326 562881     Some of the staff understand if you explain your vegan and will adapt dishes on the menu to be suitable if you tell them when ordering.

The Ship Inn, Mount Pleasant Road, Porthleven, TR13 9JS.     Tel: 01326 564204     They understand vegan.  The vegetable curry is suitable and they will do the vegetable bake suitable by leaving of the cheese if you ask.  They buy the nut roast in so are not sure if its vegan.

Helston Grill, 35 Coinagehall Street, Helston.     Tel: 01326 574350     The staff understand veganism and are very helpful.  They can do a hummus pitta or vegetable kebab (Fried veg & salad in a pitta).  The pizza bases are not vegan.

Hutchinsons, 95 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8RE.     Tel: 01326 572679     Fish and chip shop that cook their chips in vegetable oil and seperate from the meat and fish products.  The vegetable spring rolls are also suitable.

Hoi Yan, 17-18 Wendron Street, Helston.     Tel: 01326 572929/572939     Chinese cuisine that can offer vegetable chop suey, vermicelli chow mein and some other vegetable dishes.  Options are limited and there is no tofu but if you explain your vegan the staff are very helpful.

Kota Kai bar & kitchen, Celtic House, Harbour head, Porthleven, TR13 9JY.     Tel: 01326 574411     www.kotakai.co.uk  They do a daily vegetarian plate that consists of three small dishes.  With prior notice they are happy to provide this as a vegan option.

Jade Garden, 53 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8RB.     Tel: 01326 573817     Chinese cuisine that can offer vegetable chop suey and they can do some other vegetable dishes if you explain your vegan.  They don’t do tofu and the fried rice contains egg.

Prince of Wales, Newtown in St-Martin, Helston.     Tel: 01326 231247     Can cater for vegans with prior notice and have done so in the past.

The Greenhouse Restaurant, 6 High Street, St. Keverne, Helston, TR12 6NN.     Tel: 01326 280800     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.  A recent vegan guest was well catered for.

Seadrift Kitchen, Fore Street, Portleven, TR13 9HJ.     Tel: 01326 558733     Everything is produced to order, therefore for a vegan, they would create a dish with prior notice.  They have catered well for recent vegan guests.

Hazelphron Inn, Gunwalloe, The Lizard, Helston, TR12 7QB.     Tel: 01326 240406     www.hazelphron-inn.co.uk  12pm-2pm & 6.30pm-pm for food during normal bar opening times.     £3.95-£16.95     Pub that will cater for vegans with prior notice.

The Atlantic Inn, Peverell Terrace, Porthleven, Helston, TR13 9DZ.     Tel: 01326 562439     Often dishes are vegan but it is best to give prior notice.

India Restaurant, 3 Wendron Street, Helston, TR13 8PS.     Tel: 01326 560560     Explain your vegan and they will adapt some dishes to be suitable.

Crown Inn, Crowntown, Helston, TR13 0AD.     Tel: 01326 565538     They don’t have specific dishes on the menu that are vegan but they could offer chips, rice or salad.

Ruth’s Cafe, 30 Meneage Street, Helston.     Tel: 01326 574461    The best they can offer is salad or jacket potato.

The Ship Inn, Helston, TR12 6AD.     Tel: 01326 221240     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

High Point Restaurant at the Polurrian Bay Hotel, Polurrian Road, Mullion, Helston.     Tel: 01326 240421     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

The Harbour Inn, Commercial Road, Porthleven, TR13 9JB.     Tel: 01326 573876     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Coffee Bean, 32 Coinagehall Street, Helston.     Tel: 01326 572970     They don’t think the vegetarian breakfast is vegan.  They do make dishes from scratch so could come up with something, at least jacket potatoes.

Roslyn Cottage, Trewennack, Helston, TR13 0PQ.     Tel: 01326 573581     www.cornwall-online.co.uk/roslyn-cottage  A B&B that is happy to do a vegan breakfast.

Beacon Crag B&B, Beacon Crag, Porthleven, TR13 9LA.     Tel: 01326 573690     www.beaconcrag.com  They can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Lyndale cottage guest house, 4 Green Bank, Meneage Road, Helston, TR13 8JA.     Tel: 01326 561082     www.lyndalecottage.co.uk  They can cater for vegans in a limited capacity.

Meaver Farm B&B, Meaver Lane, Meaver Road, Mullion, nr Helston, TR12 7DN.     Tel: 01326 241168     B&B that can cater for vegans.     Eight miles from the centre of Helston.

Jentone B&B, Carnkie, Wendron, Helston, TR13 0DZ.     Tel: 01209 860883     www.cornwall-online.co.uk/jentone/  Open Feb-Nov     Vegans can be catered for on request. Pets are welcome by prior arrangement.

Caunce Head B&B, Caunce Head, Predannack, Mullion, TR12 7HA.          www.cauncehead.com  If you tell them what you would like they will do their best to accomodate vegans.

Queens Arms, Helston, TR13 9PD.     Tel: 01326 573485     They say that some of their vegetarian options are also suitable for vegans.

Tranquilla Rosa Complementary Therapies, The Lowen Centre, The Old Fire Station, Trengrouse Way, Helston, TR13 8AG.     T 07792 822835      W tranquillarosa.co.uk     E info@tranquillarosa.co.uk     Complementary therapies using vegan products.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Henlys Bar & Restaurant, 2 Church Street, Helston   ***   Housel View Restaurant, The Housel Bay Hotel, Housel bay, The Lizard   ***   Blue Haze restaurant, Pleasant road, Porthleven, Helston    ***   Lugger restaurant, Harbour head, Porthleven, Helston   ***   Little Pengelly Farm, Trenwheal, Leedstown   ***   Beijing cuisine, chinese & thai restaurant, 3 Coinagehall Street, Helston – No understanding of veganism   ***      Courtyard B&B, 28 Trembel Road, Mullion, TR12 7DY   ***   Lion & Lamb, Ashton, near Helston   ***   Nettles, 15 Nettles Hill, Helston   ***   Thurleys fish restaurant, 9 Meneage Street, Helston   ***   Saffron Indian Cuisine, 47-49 Meneage Street, Helston   ***   Roland’s Happy Plaice, Prospect Place, Helston – They fry in beef dripping   ***   The Flambards Experience, Helston – Don’t understand veganism   ***  Porthmellin Cafe, Mullion, Helston   ***   Polpeor Cafe, The Lizard, Helston   ***   Kyance Beach Cafe, Kyance Cove, The Lizard, Helston   ***   Galleon Mullion, Nansmellion Road, Helston   ***   The Haven, Helston   ***   Parc Cres B&B, 15 Laflouder Fields, Mullion   ***   The Ivory Bistro, Guievere House, Sithney   ***   Croft View B&B, Merthyr Lane, Sithney    ***   Wheal Dream Carvery Bar & Restaurant, Wendron   ***   Amelies at the Smokehouse cafe bar and restaurant, Harbourside, Porthleven   ***   The Angel Hotel, 16 Coinagehall Street, Helston   ***   The Regent Cafe & Gift Shop, The Lizard   ***   Lakeside Cafe, Porthleven Road, Helston   ***   The Lizard Snack Shack takeaway, Kynance Terrace, Helston   ***   St Keverne Bakery, Fore Street, Porthleven   ***   The Top Chippy, Porthleven – Chips are cooked in veg oil but in the same fryer as meat products   ***   Archies Loft, The Cove, Helston   ***   The Witchball Restaurant, Helston, TR12 7NJ   ***   Blue Haze Restaurant, Mount Pleasant Road, Porthleven, TR13 9JS   ***

WARNINGNew Yard Restaurant, Trelowarren Estate, Mawgan, Helston, TR12 6AF.     Tel: 01326 221595     With a couple of days notice they can produce a vegan menu, however we have since learned that they have commercial shoots on their land.

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5 Responses to Helston & Porthleven

  1. Helen Nightingale says:

    As a Vegan I no longer support Trelowarren as they have commercial shoots, here is a link to a recent article about them in the Shooting Times http://www.shootingtimes.co.uk/features/516502/Trelowarren_shoot.html

    I can recommend Trevarno on the Helston to Camborne road they have a beautiful cafe in the conservatory and they sell Vegan soup and usually a cake or two. Last time I went they also had some small cartons of soya milk.

    • vegankernow says:

      Hia, thanks for your comments, we have since updated the entry for Trelowarren to show as a warning. Do you by any chance have an address for the Trevarno cafe or any other details as I cant seem to find it on a google search.

      Many Thanks

  2. claritybell says:

    Hi, great to see this! I guess you mean the Ship Inn, Porthleven though. And I would suggest listing the Penryn one with the Falmouth places. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Chris Griggs says:

    Old Inn Mullion
    New Landlady is Vegan, one to watch methinks

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