The Tree Top Cafe, Monkey Sanctuary, St Martin, Looe, PL13 1NZ.     Tel: 01503 262532     www.monkeysanctuary.org     Sun-Thur 11am-4.30pm     15+ vegan dishes @ £3-£7.50     LABELLED VEGAN     All vegetarian cafe with lots of vegan options, situated just outside the entrance to the monkey sanctuary so you can just come to eat if you wish. Uses fresh produce from local farms. The menu has lots of vegan options including soup, veg burger in a bun with salad wedges & vegan mayo, oven baked wedges, hummus pita & veg sticks, pasta with sauce & salad, veg sausage sandwich & homemade relish, hot dogs, nachos with chilli and vegan cheese, hummus & roast veg sandwich. Also, most desserts are usually vegan and may include chocolate cake or choc chip cookie.  Also stock soya milk for drinks.

Moonlight Tandoori Restaurant & Takeaway, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1AE.     Tel: 01503 265372     W moonlighttandoorilooe.co.uk     E info@moonlighttandoori.co.uk     Sun-Sat 12 noon-2.30pm & 5.30pm-midnight, open 7 days a week including bank holidays, Closed Christmas Day     20+ vegan dishes @ Chapati £1.10, Stuffed paratha £1.60, Sides £3.30, Mains around £5.50     They cater for vegetarians and vegans.  All the vegetable dishes on the menu are vegan except the ones that list dairy or egg.  The stuffed paratha and chapati are also vegan.  Very good quality and service and recommended by local vegans who eat there regularly.     Yards away from the Quayside car park.

Ocean & Earth Thai Restaurant, Higher Market Street, East Looe, PL13 1BL.     Tel: 01503 263080    www.oceanandearththairestaurant.co.uk       5pm-11pm for take-away orders.     5+vegan dishes @ take-away £5.50-£7     Thai restaurant and take-away that have had vegans in the past.  They can make dishes suitable for vegans usually by simply leaving out the fish sauce.  They also have tofu on the menu.     In the town centre.

Mama J’s Italian Kitchen Higher Market St, East Looe, PL13 1BS
01503 262787     One of the chef’s is vegan and a recent vegan guest had a vegan pizza with vegan cheese that they had in stock.  They were extremely helpful and accommodating of the vegan diet.

Ambleside B&B, Shutta Road, Looe, PL13 1HW.     Tel: 01503 263368      A vegan friendly B&B who declare themselves an environmentally aware establishment.

Daisy’s Cafe, Castle Street, East Looe, PL13 1BA.     Tel: 07988 803315     Mon-Sat 9am-4.30pm, Sun 10am-4pm     They can do jacket potato and salads as well as a very basic veggie breakfast.  A recent vegan visitor had a lovely pumpkin & chilli soup.  Updated 11/16.

Schooner Point Guest House, 1 Trelawney Terrace, Polperro Road, West Looe, PL13 2AG.     Tel: 07548 739271.     http://www.schoonerpoint.co.uk.    If notified in advance that you are vegan they can be incredibly accommodating.  One vegan guest had porridge with almond milk, vegan flapjacks and cakes to take out and in the room had a nakd bar and a vegan chocolate bar in place of milk chocolate and biscuits.  They highly recommended the place. It’s located 150m from Loose bridge.

Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro, PL13 2RJ.     Tel: 01503 272348     www.crumplehorn-inn.co.uk   Food served all day till 9pm.     2+ vegan dishes     £7.95-£8.95     They do a vegan chilli or curry. The garlic bread has butter on it, and the onion bhaji, chips & poppadom are cooked in the fryers which have had animal products in them.  They are happy to substitute these for bread or vegetables.  The chef is very helpful. Tell them your vegan when ordering or ring beforehand. They try to keep a vegan option on the menu and they state on the vegetarian section of the menu that some dishes can be adapted to be vegan.  Vegan visitors there have given it the thumbs up and said the food is extremely tasty.  Opposite the main car park in Polperro.

Vegetarian and Vegan B&B Twelve Beacons Park, Pelynt, Looe, PL13 2PQ.    T 01503 221069.    A B&B run by a vegetarian for vegetarians and vegans.  Breakfast include a full fried option and they stock soya milk for guests.  Vegan guests have had an evening meal of red wine and mushroom cottage pie and a dessert of fresh fruit platter with vegan ice-cream and soya cream.     Located four miles from Looe.

Cafe Fleur, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1DT.     Tel: 01503 265734     They usually have a few soups that are vegan, jacket potatoes, sauteed potatoes & salads.  The sausages on the veggie breakfast contain cheese.

Somewhere Tapistro Restaurant, Crumplehorn, Polperro.     Tel: 01503 272969     The vegetable curry is vegan and they can make the mushroom stroganoff suitable if you tell them when ordering.  Salad bowls are also vegan and with notice they can offer more options.

New Peking Garden, Fore Street, East Looe, PL13 1AD.     Tel: 01503 2645000      Mon-Sat 12 noon-2pm & Mon-Sun 5pm-11pm     7+vegan dishes @ £4.25-£4.95     They can adapt vegetable and tofu dishes to be vegan if you ask when ordering.

Lascares Wine Bar, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1AE.     Tel: 01503 265565 / 0789 4235131     The vegetable fettucini is vegan or they can offer a different vegetable pasta dish if you tell them you’re vegan.

Treble Cafe, Llandaviddy Lane, Polperro, PL13 2RS.     Tel: 01503 272614     Open daytime & evening meals from 6pm, Closed Tuesday    Have had vegans in the past and can offer at least a tomato sauce & pasta dish.

Mawgans, Higher Market Street, Looe, PL13 1BS.     Tel: 01503 265331     Tue-Sun from 6.30pm     Bistro style restaurant that can make the mushroom risotto vegan by leaving of the cheese.

Archies Restaurant, Fore Street, East Looe, PL13 1AE.     Tel: 01503 262876     Some of the dishes will be vegan depending on what they have on at the time but the pizza bases are not suitable.

New Golden Bowl, No.2 Buller Street, East Looe, PL13 1AS.     Tel: 01503 264889     Chinese take-away that can check if vegetable dishes would be vegan when you order.  They don’t do tofu.

The Old Sail Loft Restaurant, Quay Street, Looe, PL13 1AP.     Tel: 01503 262131     Risotto or some other dishes can be made vegan with notice.

Morrells Bistro, Higher Market Street, East Looe, PL13 1BW.     Tel: 01503 263604     School Hols Mon-Sun 12pm-9.30pm, closed Tue, Rest of year Mon-Sun 11am-3pm & 6pm-9.30pm, closed Tue     £4.45-£29.95     Happy to cater for vegans with prior notice.     From Looe car park walk 200 metres down High Street, take 3rd left onto Higher Market Street. Morrells is on the left hand side.

Blue Plate Restaurant, Main Road, Downderry, Looe, PL11 3LD.     Tel: 01503 250308     www.blueplatecornwall.com   Can adapt dishes on menu to be vegan or create itmes to suit.

Couch’s Great House Restaurant, Saxon Bridge, Polperro, PL13 2QT.     Tel: 01503 272554     www.couchspolperro.com  They have dishes suitable for vegans and with prior notice they can provide more options.

The Rusty Bucket Coffee Shop, Higher Market Street, Looe, PL13 1BS.     Tel: 01503 264009     They usually have a vegan dish on the menu.

Holland & Barrett, The Old Post Office, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1DT.     Tel: 01503 265550

Nelson Restaurant, Saxon Bridge, Big Green, Polperro, PL13 2QT.     Tel: 01503 272366     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Terrace Restaurant, Talland Bay Hotel, Porthallow, PL13 2JB.     Tel: 01503 272667     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS– Cornish Bakehouse, Fore Street, East Looe.     This Pasty chain does not offer anything suitable for vegans   ***   Pasty Presto   ***   The Noughts & Crosses Inn & B&B, Polperro   ***   The Ship Inn, East Looe – Don’t understand vegan   ***  Fore Street Brasserie, Polperro   ***   Bean & Scone, Polperro   ***   Marwinthy Guest House, East Cliffe, Looe   ***   Squid Ink, East Looe   ***   Zute Lounge, Bar & Kitchen, East Looe   ***   The Cornsih Bakery   ***

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6 Responses to Looe

  1. Emma Allen says:

    I went to the Crumplehorn Inn in Polperro in March 2012 and they did a lovely vegan chilli. The chef was most obliging and they always try to keep one vegan dish on their menu. Best to tell them you’re vegan at the bar and maybe ring in advance.

  2. Paul Reynolds says:

    I would like to give a huge thumbs up to Moonlight Tandoori. We go there from the Monkey Sanctuary all the time and they cater for us (all being at least vegetarian and mostly vegan). We went so often they changed their menu so now it states Vegetable options for each curry all of which are vegan that I have had so far (minus the obvious dishes that would contain dairy) and with a stuffed paratha or chapati leaves you very satisfied. In my experience although places will do you vegan food in Looe the Indian is the best for quality and service, having been down here the last 2 years it is the only place we tend to go in Looe now for food!

  3. Lewis Major says:

    Hi, just spent a week in Looe and would like to second the recommendation for the Crumplehorn Inn at Polperro. Very helpful staff, didn’t get the usual blank stare when asking about the vegetable curry being vegan, also told us their chips are cooked in a fryer used for meat (unfortunately for my daughter) in fact they even state on the vegetarian section of their menu that some dishes can be adapted to be vegan. Best of all it was extremely tasty!

  4. Steph says:

    I stayed at Schooner Point B&B in Looe, and notified them before I went that I was vegan, they were incredibly accommodating. They provided almond milk and cooked me porridge for breakfast despite it not being something they usually offer. They provided vegan friendly flapjacks and cakes for me to take out for the day, and there was even a Nakd bar and a vegan chocolate bar in the room in the place of milk chocolate and biscuits. It’s also within walking distance of the town centre and the Tandori and Thai restaurant, which were both lovely. I would highly recommend staying here.

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