Countrystore Healthfoods, 3-5 Bond Street, Redruth, TR15 2QA.     Tel: 01209 215012    Cafe opening times Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 9.30am-3pm, Sun closed     9+ vegan savouries 6+ vegan cakes     Organic hot meal £4.30 Dine in, £3.60 Take-away, Salad £4.30 Dine in, £3.80 take away, Cakes & snacks from £1.95, Sandwiches & wraps £4.20 Dine in, £3.50 Take-away      Health food shop with an organic coffee shop.  The coffee shop sells a range of organic cakes such as orange polenta cake or millionaires shortbread, a daily soup, sandwiches and teas/coffees with a choice of non-dairy milks.  There are always vegan options.  They now have a separate vegan menu for savory food and a vegan cake menu, many of which are also gluten free.  The hot meal of the day as well as the falafel sandwich is always vegan.  The owner is vegetarian/vegan and understands/promotes this.

Green Star Natural Store Forest Farm, Pencoys, Four Lanes, Redruth, TR16 6LZ     T 01209 481194    8+ vegan dishes     Meal deal main & pudding £5, Main & salad £3.50, Pudding £2.50, Juice £2     They have a vegan takeaway from Wednesday to Saturday.  Vegan soup on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s vegan, gluten free and sugar free.  An example of their food includes Parsnip pie with beetroot almond crust, carrot, spiced squash & garam masala, raw chocolate torte and avocado and lime cheescake. They also stock Benecos natural make up, much of which is vegan.

No.8 Bed & Breakfast 8 Chariot Road, Illogan.     T 01209 697356 / 0777 9769850     Opening Easter 2016     A stylish vegetarian/vegan B&B.  Big in wholesome, homemade and natural produce.  Delicious homemade evening meals available.

Fire Dance Pizza  Stanley Way, Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth.     Tel: 07902 401461     Every Saturday 5-8pm     After a successful trial of vegan pizza’s they have decided to now introduce a vegan menu.   You can call to place an advance order.  Call before 1pm for a wheat free base.  Around £10 for a vegan pizza.     Updated 01/17.

Warrens Bakery  77 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2BL.     Tel: 01209 215066     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Prima Bakeries Ltd Wheal Rose Bakery, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5BX.     Tel: 01209 820321     E:     They have vegan pasties that have a soya glaze.  They can be orederd by the dozen through the post for £36 and they also have vegan shortbreads, flapjacks etc.  They are just off the A30 at Scorrier on the way to Wheal Rose & Porthowan.   Updated 01/17.

Carn Brea Castle, Carn Lane, Redruth, TR16 6SL.     Tel: 01209 218358     Starters from £4, Mains from £12.95. Thur-Sun 6pm-9pm bookings only. Booking is essential as the restaurant is popular. Charming and quirky restaurant serving Jordanian food set in the historic ruins of Carn Brea Castle at the top of Carn Brea. Although there are no vegan dishes listed on the menu the owner understands veganism and can put together a large mezze with plenty of choice, humous, olives, okra, aubergine, broad bean dip and more for around £12 a head. Garlic mushrooms are recommended, you can also ask thm to make extra food when you first order and take it away at no extra cost.     The castle is the building near the monument on the big hill (Carn Brea) visible from the surrounding areas of Redruth and Camborne. Accessed either by Carn Lane off the road to Carnkie from the B3297 towards four lanes from Redruth. Or by foot on one of the various tracks going up the hill.

Zest Deli Cafe 37 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2AE.     T 01209 213307     Mon-Sat 8am-4pm, Sun Closed     They try to have a vegan cake but it’s not always possible.  They also try to provide sandwiches and soups that are suitable for vegans.

Amity Tandoori 5 Highr Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2AJ     T 01209 212101     E     Indian restaurant & Takeaway that are happy to advise which options are vegan and adapt other dishes to be suitable.  A recent vegan visitor was very impressed with their visit here.     Updated 05/16

Rowes Bakery, 38 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2AE.     Tel: 01209 215234.    The wholemeal vegetable pasty is suitable for vegans.    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17

The Golden Lion Inn & Lakeside Restaurant, St Ithians Lake, Menherion, Redruth, TR16 6NW.     Tel: 01209 860332     3+ vegan dishes @ £10.95     LABELLED VEGAN     They offer vegan dishes on their menu such as the spicy stuffed peppers with new potatoes & vegetables at £10.95.     At St. Ithians lake between Redruth and Falmouth.

Hung Ming, 1b Chapel Street, Redruth, TR15 2BY.     Tel: 01209 212888     Delivery 5pm-10.50pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays     5+ vegan dishes @ £2.50-£4.20     Chinese takeaway that does vegetarian chicken. The chicken is the tinned gluten and they are happy to use this with other dishes such as chicken curry or chicken and cashew nuts. Explain your vegan. Credit cards not accepted and minimum delivery order is £8.     In Redruth town centre.

The Plume of Feathers Inn, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5BN.     Tel: 01209 822002     3 vegan dishes @ around £8     They can cater for vegans but explain when ordering. One of the dishes they currently have is a mushroom, potato and spinach curry with spiced yellow rice (ask for no nan). It is possible to get more options with prior notice.     Half a mile from Scorrier House.

Pura Pressed     E     A sustainable healthy food and drinks business, focused on creating nutritious convenience products such as juices, smoothies.  Deliveries to Redruth or can be purchased using click and collect service from Natural Health Centre in Redruth.

Penventon Park Hotel, West End, Redruth, TR15 1TE.     Tel: 01209 203000                 2 vegan dishes @ around £8-£9.     3 star hotel that has pasta puttanesca (with tomatoes, capers, olives and rocket, request no parmesan) and vegetable and nut curry. With notice they can offer other dishes.

Lisboa, 12 Penryn Street, Redruth, TR15 2SP.     Tel: 01209 210127     3+ vegan dishes @ around £5-6     Portugese restaurant. Vegan label is incorrect on their menu it should be vegetarian. Rice, beans with pepper, rich salad, beans “a braz” a few dishes on offer. When ordering these be clear that you want them with no milk, cheese, egg, cream, or yoghurt just to be on the safe side.

Melting Pot Cafe, Krowji, The Old Grammar School, West Park, Redruth, TR15 3AJ.     T 07915 252757     W     Mon-Tue 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-11pm, Thur-Fri 9am-5pm     Can do a vegan lunch such as salad and hummus.

Sunny City, 2 Chapel Street, Redruth, TR15 2BY.     Tel: 01209 314430     Chinese, thai restaurant and takeaway that does beancurd dishes and a greasy but good battered vegetable starter. WARNING Check your order carefully as chicken triangles were sent by accident once and other times spring rolls were left out.

Sunset House, Glenfaedon Terrace, Portreath, Redruth.     Tel: 01209 842283     Guesthouse that caters for vegans.

New Life Health, Rose Cottage, Ting Tang, Carharrack, Redruth, TR16 5SF.     Tel: 01209 822207     Health food shop.

Holmewood Natural Health, Holmewood, United Road, Carharrack Road, Redruth, TR16 5QY.     Tel: 01209 821905     Health food shop.

Tricky’s Cornwall Restaurant, Tolgus Mount, Redruth, TR15 3TA.     Tel: 01209 219292     Vegetarian dishes can be made vegan but it’s best to give notice.

WARNING – Mack’s Fish & Chips & The Captains table restaurant, 9a Higher Forest, Redruth – Customers have been told in the past that chips were cooked in vegetable oil but a customer was recently told everything is cooked in beef dripping.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – The Sandwich Stop, Alma Place, Redruth   ***   Golden Lion & Lakeside restaurant, St Ithians lake, Redruth   ***   Morrishs Fish Restaurant & Takeaway, Bucketts Hill, Redruth – All their food is cooked in beef dripping including the vegetable burgers.

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9 Responses to Redruth

  1. Sarah Ellis says:

    Countrystore Healthfoods on Bond Street now has an Organic Coffee Shop which sells a range of organic cakes, a daily soup, sandwiches and teas/coffees with a choice of non-dairy milks. There are always vegan options – the owner is vegan and understands/promotes this dietary choice. (Feb 2013)

  2. Claire says:

    Went to Mack’s Fish & Chip Shop today (14/08/2013), planned it especially to coincide with a trip to the cinema but when I asked them what fat they use to cook with, they said beef dripping! And that is to cook everything! 😦

  3. Sam says:

    Upon asking in Morrishs today I discovered that all of their food is cooked in beef dropping, including the vegetable burgers!
    Any idea where I can still enjoy vegan takeaway chips and veggie burger/ breaded mushrooms?

    • vegankernow says:

      The Chippy in Praze Camborne was checked a few years ago and at the time they said their chips and veggie burger were vegan, but it’s worth checking again. They were helpful at the time.

  4. shlaptop says:

    Across the road from sunny city/emporors garden is a turkish type place. they do french fries and breaded mushrooms in vegetable oil.

    Also Rowe’s wholemeal vegetable pasties are vegan I understand. there’s a shop at the top of ‘Druth highstreet.

    • vegankernow says:

      Hello, I have uodated the Redruth entry to include Rowes pasty shop. Do you know if the fries and breaded myshrooms are vegan and cooked in seperate oil from meat products. thanks paul

  5. Noemie says:

    The organic cafe attached to the health food store on bond street is brilliant! They are proud to advertise vegan dishes on the menu and they make their own vegan chocolate truffles which are divine, they give you some for free with every hot drink you order! It s nice to eat somewhere where they really get it, their food is all organic and made with local ingredients as much as possible 🙂 I love it!

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