Pretty much anywhere will cater for vegans with prior notice and chinese and Indian restaurants/take-aways almost always have vegan options, we simply list the most vegan friendly.

These can be found in most towns in Cornwall and their wholemeal vegetable pasty is always vegan.

Bean curd/tofu is sometimes coated in egg. This only tends to be when it is dry, not in sauces.
Fried rice almost always contains egg but most places will do it without if you ask.
Mock meat – occasionally crispy shredded chicken or duck will have an egg coating or egg in the batter.
Noodles almost always contain egg but rice noodles (vermicelli) are OK.
Oyster sauce – Avoid. Although vegan versions exist we do not know any places in Cornwall that use them.
Satay sauce often contains shrimp, but there are vegan versions.
Red or Green Thai curry sauces almost always contain shrimp in the paste they mix in.

Even if a chip shop has seperate fryers for chips and meat products, during quiet periods they will often cook both in the same fryer. Whether this bothers you or not is a matter of personal taste, we cannot guarantee any of the chip shops or similar listings fry seperately.

Cream is in most mild curries. Kormas almost always do but a few will cook them without if you specify.
Dahl sometimes contains dairy products, check!
Ghee – Vegetable ghee is OK but butter ghee is not. Check which one is used for frying. Some places use vegetable oil instead.
Nan Bread almost always contain milk.
Onion Bhajis are sometimes bound with egg.

Pasta sometimes contains egg. Penne is usually vegan. All fresh pasta seems to contain egg.
Pizza bases often contain milk in take-aways but normally don’t in proper Italian restaurants. Most pizzas are made on the premises and can be had without cheese or will add vegan cheese if you supply it. We know of at least one fast food place that puts egg mayonnaise in the tomato sauce.

Falafel may contain milk or egg.
Humous supplied by catering companies usually contain milk. Smaller shops usually buy it from supermarkets and it is vegan.

Pos                                                        Places

1     Tintagel                                         29

2     St Ives                                           24

3     Penzance                                       22

4      Falmouth                                      21                                             Champions League spots


5     St Austell                                       16                                              Europa League spot


6     Truro                                              15

7     Bude                                                14

8     Redruth                                          13

9     Newquay                                         12

10   Helston                                            9

11    Looe                                                 10

12    St Agnes                                          10

13    Hayle                                                 9

14    Wadebridge                                      9

15    Launceston                                       8

16    Bodmin                                              7

17    Multiple Outlets                               5

18    Camborne                                         5

19    Lostwithiel                                        6

20    Fowey                                                4

21    Padstow                                             4

22    Liskeard                                             3


23    Gunnislake                                         1                                         Relegation zone

24    Isles of Scilly                                      1

25    Saltash                                                1

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