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  1. We are always willing to adapt any vegetarian options on our menu to vegan, or rustle something up to order if preferred.

  2. Deborah Moore says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It has been brought to our attention that your website is advertising our products as suitable for Vegans. Whilst we appreciate you recommending our Shops/Cafes, unfortunately this is not the case. Our products are suitable for Vegetarians (Vegetable & Fruit Based Fillings only); but the glaze that goes on top of the pastry contains milk protein. However, as this is the only component which makes our pasties unsuitable for Vegans, we are currently looking into alternative glazes. Please review our Website for any updates;

    With Kind Regards
    Debbie Moore
    Customer Care Team
    Pasty Presto

  3. jo says:

    Wow! what a fantastic site, thank you so much for researching all this information.
    Best wishes
    a very happy vegan who can’t wait for her Cornish holiday now!!

  4. peter Cocks says:

    Can you please alter our entry to show the meals are only available in the evening

    Peter cocks
    General Manager

  5. Stuart Dowson says:

    The Manor House Inn Rilla Mill near Callington is a good place to go if you are vegan, all I do is ring up in advance which you clearly didn’t and they catered for me very well; even if you do just walk in there are one or two things on the menu or just ask, you can’t just walk in anywhere and expect them to cater for a vegan. I would recommend this to anyone with any special dietry requirements, hopefully you will review your own critisms.

  6. Hello, I’m a bit surprised to see that we don’t even have a mention, seeing that we have catered for vegans for several years now. Generally all vegetarian dishes are adaptable for vegans or are totally vegan when they are available on the menu.
    Regards Nik Tinney
    Saffron Restaurant, Truro

  7. Benjamin Butcher says:

    Hey vegan cornwall!

    I was directed here through the vegan society, and was wondering if there is any volunteering or anything of that descript available?!

    Thankyou very much,

  8. Kate says:

    Hiya Paul, The Golden Lion list vegan items on their menu. They are at Stithians Lake, between Redruth and Falmouth. Ta Kate

  9. BaltiAngel says:

    Hi Im pleased that there is this resource,however,when I called the pierhouse in Charlestown, they didn’t know what I was talking about and the dishes they eventually offered me were not at all appetising and certainly not the ones within the guide. Similarly I called the Indian Baba in Truro and the person I spoke to did not know what vegan meant so I had to explain,but I wouldn’t like to think the chef was that ill-informed! I know they have an extensive menu as I have read it outside the shop,but the phone experiences of both places have left me cold.Perhaps it is worth pointing out to these places that they do need to put in a bit of effort training their staff if they are going to get more custom…just being in the guide is not enough. many thanks

    • vegankernow says:

      Thanks for your comments, I’ve now changed the Pier House entry. Sorry, for the delay, been very busy. Would love too at some point contact places in the guide to assess their commitment to veganism but at the moment have to rely on their honesty and customers like yourself offering valuable feedback. Thanks Paul

  10. Lexi says:

    thanks for your response. if you are that busy may I offer my help in contacting these places and setting up relationships with the places you feature? let me know. I am also on Facebook in the group Cornwall Vegans if you prefer to post a message there. cheers

  11. Matt Foster says:


    Just a quick note to say that your listing for Wadebridge ( has fallen off the Where to Eat sidebar. It took me a while to find it! At a quick guess, there’s a limit of 25 entries that will show, and your new ‘Buy a paper guide’ has pushed Wadebridge over the limit.

    All the best,

  12. David Palmer says:

    I have one question and have noticed an issue. First a question:
    Is there anywhere around the West Cornwall area that does a vegan cream tea?

    Secondly, the issue is that hyperlinks do not appear to work. Looks like there is an extra character at the end of the link.

    Great site though.

  13. Hi

    We are a new vegetarian, vegan, healthy eating cafe just opened in Truro, Cornwall called ‘The Secret Garden Café’. We would love to feature on your site. Please can you let me know what you need and what I need to do? Thank you, ben

  14. Thats great thank you. We are also going to be opening friday and saturday night which would make us the only vegetarian restaurant in truro.

    • vegankernow says:

      Hia, That sounds good, would you be able to please send me your address, tel no, website, opening times, roughly how many vegan dishes and prices, an idea of the dishes you have and a location. i,m hopin to update the website wity some new stuff this week.


  15. Jeff Townsin says:


    Yesterday we stopped by Annie’s Kitchen in Falmouth and bought a slice of their amazing vegan beetroot and chocolate cake. Highly recommended. Worth asking what other vegan options they have available too.

    They definitely need to come off of the ‘non-vegan’ list!

  16. We are happy to cater for parties of 5 + each evening but can only do this with 2 days notice.
    We hope to be open most evenings eventually but need to build up the demand and our reputation for tiop vegan food! SWAMP VEGAN CAFE – Penryn

  17. Michael Rosewell says:

    Do you know of any vegan vets in Cornwall please. Kind regards

    • vegankernow says:


      Im afraid I myself am not aware of any. I don’t know if your connected with Cornwall Vegans on facebook, but they may have a better idea.

      Many Thanks

  18. Rebecca says:

    Pengenna Pasties in bude didn’t know what vegan meant when I went in today – I asked what vegan pasties they do and they said “vegetable – so that’s vegan.” I asked if there was butter in it or anything as i didnt feel convinced by the assistants response – they then offered me a cheese and onion pasty! :/

    • vegankernow says:


      I had written confirmation from pengenna themselves a couple of years ago. The owners seem very knowledgeable and committed to catering to vegans but as you have found out that doesn’t always seem the same level of knowledge from the staff in their shops. Something I have also noticed.

      It may be worth contacting pengenna via the email on their website for up to date info.

      I hope that helps.

      Many thanks

  19. Lou says:

    Hi is there a directory for fish and chip shops in Cornwall that use vegetable oil to fry with? I live in Hayle, there are several chip shops here but I am yet to find one that doesn’t fry with animal fat or a blend of.

  20. not specifically for fish and chips shops altho Sizzlers in Bude have a different fryer for their vegan menu and many others do the same in veg oil for chips. If you want to join the Facebook group to ask our members Cornwall Vegans will be happy to respond or you can search the group threads we have this question pop up all the time! thanks

  21. oh , left a reply and now its gone! Sizzles in Bude do a totally vegan fried menu..and they are featured in our #veganonthemenu ..for other fry places its ask and see though if you want to join Facebook Cornwall Vegans will respond with their experiences ..we have threads you can search through as well as this question is always coming up! hope that helps! we just had a suggestion the page recently as well//

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