Harveys Bar & Grill, 13 Church Street, Launceston, PL15 8AW.     Tel: 01566 778889     3 vegan dishes @ £7.50     LABELLED VEGAN     The Morrocan tagine, nut roast or the chilli wrap are vegan.   They will also do a dessert with advanced warning.  Vegan visitors in the past have been impressed with the food and described the portions as generous.  Can be found opposite Castle pet supplies in the town centre.

No.8 Cafe 8 Westgate Street, PL15 7AB.     They do sweet potato fries and a veggie breakfast with vegan sausages that can be made vegan if you ask.  Also they always have a vegan cake that is LABELLED VEGAN.     Updated 01/16

Rowes Bakery  inside Tesco, Launceston.    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17

Gong-Fu Kitchen, The 1 Dockey, Westgate Street, Launceston, PL15 7AW.     Tel :01566 776584     Open 7 days a week Sun-Sat 5pm-11pm, bank holiday 5pm-11pm     5+ vegan dishes @ £4-£4.50     Chinese take away that can make vegetable and tofu dishes vegan if you explain.  Ask for no egg or fish sauce.     The veggie pancake rolls are vegan and they will fry them in a separate fryer if you ask.     On the edge of town by the castle.

Sagor, 6 Western Road, Launceston.     Tel: 01566 777778 / 777088     Sun-Thur 5.30pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 5.30pm-11.30pm     20+ vegan dishes     Starters & Sides £3.50, Mains £5-£6     Tandoori restaurant that can adapt dishes if you explain you’re a vegan. Of the breads chapati is the only one suitable.     They can be found on the edge of town near to Stags estate agent.

The Springer Spaniel, Treburley, nr Launceston, PL15 9NS.     T 01579 370424     W     E     Tue-Sun 12 noon-11pm, Closed Mon, Lunch 12 noon-3pm, Eve 6pm-9pm, Bar menu 12noon-9pm     More than happy to do vegan meals with a bit of notice and are used to dealing with vegans.  A previous vegan visitor has described it as a great place with a lovely chef.  Vegan diners have had a vegan roast and a vegan pudding.     Located on the A388 between Launceston and Callington.

The Rising Sun, Altarnun, PL15 7SN.     Tel: 01566 86636
£5+, Around £23 for a 3 course meal.
16th century moorland Inn on the edge of Bodmin Moor.  Give them notice and they can prepare exellent vegan meals.     5 minutes drive from the A30, see website for detailed directions.

Little Bakehouse 26 Church Street, Launceston, PL15 8AR     T 01566 248029     An artisan bakery that have hand made fresh bread every day from their in store bakery.  The general ingredients for the bread are vegan so it’s clear which are not, such as a flavor that is cheese. etc.  There is a wide range of flavors and many sourdough loaves.  They cant guarantee if any of the cakes are vegan but it may be worth checking.  They also do soups, coffee’s etc.     Updated 01/16

Liberty Coffee Shop 4 Northgate Street, Launceston, PL15 8BD     T 01566 773223      They don’t know if any of the cakes are vegan but they do Bonsoy soya milk for drinks and these are delicious. You can get a soya latte for £2.50, Good coffee, good soya milk.     Updated 01/16

Firebrand Bar & Restaurant 5-7 Southgate Street, Launceston, PL15 9DP     T 01566 770722     With notice they can cater for vegans and all the bottled firebrand beers are vegan.

The Deli, 6-8 Church Street, Launceston, PL15 8AP.     Tel: 01566 779494     Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm     1+ vegan dish @ about £3     Deli with the usual deli-style options for vegans such as hummus sandwiches with roasted pepper and balsamic syrup, salads, olives, sundried tomatoes etc.

Pendragon Country House, Old Vicarage Hill, Davidstow, nr Launceston, PL32 9XR.     Tel: 01840 261131 / 07719 647648     W     Vegans catered for in this five star family run country house.     Just over three miles north of Camelford on the A395.

La Bouche Creole, Dockacre Road, Launceston, PL15 8YY.     Tel: 01566 779294  Can cater for vegans with prior notice. Can offer dishes such as stuffed mushroom or aubergine or jambalya risotto without the parmesan cheese.

Sun Wah, 18 Westgate Street, Launceston.     Tel: 01566 773275     Sun-Thur 5pm-11.30pm, Fri-Sat 12noon-2pm & 5pm-midnight, bank holidays 5pm-11.30pm     2+ vegan dishes @£3.90     Chinese & Cantonese take-away.  The chinese mixed veg or the curried mixed veg should be vegan as well as some other vegetable dishes.  Explain your vegan and they can tell you what is suitable.

Beer Cellar 3 Chings Alley, Launceston, PL15 9TD.     They sell firebrand bottled beers which are vegan.

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Liskerrett Community Centre Cafe, Varley Lane, Liskeard, PL14 4AP.     Tel: 01579 340307    Weekdays 9am-4pm (lunch 12-2pm)     Vegetarian cafe in a community centre that have a bean burger, lentil fritter or a selection of salads that are suitable for vegans.  The chips are vegan at £3. They are highly recommended by vegans who have visited.

Warrens Bakery  Two Watersfoot, Liskeard, PL14 6HY.     Tel: 01579 321347     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Hot Wok Renaissance restaurant & takeaway, 2 Pondbridge Hill, Liskeard, PL14 3AB.     Tel: 01579 349422     Open bank holidays, lunch Fri-Sun 12noon-2.30pm, buffet lunch on Sun, Dinner Mon-Sun 5pm-11pm.     £1.60-£4.20 a dish     10+ vegan dishes     Chinese that has many tofu dishes and they dont coat this in animal products before cooking. They know what a vegan is and are prepared to adapt dishes on the vegetarian menu to be made vegan.     Adjacent to the Co-op store.

Health & Happiness, 27 Fore Street, Liskeard, PL14 3JA.     Tel: 01579 340740     W     Small health food shop that also stocks a vegan pasty.      Updated 08/16

Season’s Cafe & Bistro, 6 Windsor Place, Bay Tree Hill, Liskeard, PL14 4BH.     W     Tel: 01579 342302     The soups are usually vegan and they also have suitable salads.  If you give prior notice they are also happy to prepare other vegan options. They have a good understanding of veganism and are helpful.

The Loft Cafe, The Old Bakery, Pigmeadow Lane, Liskeard, PL14 6AT.     Tel: 01579 344880     One of the owners is vegetarian and understands veganism so with notice of ideas they are happy to oblige.  Otherwise if you tell them your vegan when you go in they can come up with some options with the ingredients they have there.

The Sterts Arts Centre, Sterts, Liskeard, PL14 5AZ.     With advance notice they have previously made lovely vegan food for guests such as vegan curry.

Hayloft Restaurant, Lower Clicker Road, Menheniot, Liskeard, PL14 3PJ.     Tel: 01503 240241     They are familiar with vegan cooking and there’s usually a vegan option on the menu or one that can be made vegan, or with notice they can offer more choice.

Pencubitt House Lamellion Cross, Liskeard, PL14 4EB     T 01579 342694     W     Guest house that can do vegan food on request with short notice and have had vegan guests in the past.

The Nebula Guest House 27 Higher Lux Street, Liskeard, PL14 3JU.     T 01579 342071     W     They understand veganism and can cater with notice.

Everest Tandoori, Webbs House, Pike Street, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 343013     They cook with vegetable oil and can tell you which dishes are vegan.  The vegetable curry or bhuna is suitable, the korma or nan breads are not suitable.

The Plough Inn, Duloe, Liskeard.     Tel: 01503 262556     The menu changes daily so sometimes the vegetarian food is also vegan.  With prior notice they can put together a selection of vegan dishes.

Annapurna, 4 Castle Street, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 348720     They generally cook in butter ghee but if you explain your vegan they can adapt dishes to be suitable.

Tapenades, 14 Dean street, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 344844     They can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Liskeard Tavern, Haviland Road, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 349635    The only vegan option is chips.

Fat Frog, 6 Market Street, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 348818     Best they can offer is a jacket potato or a salad.

Cornwall Venue, Millenium House, Princess Road, Pensilva, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 363096     The best they can offer is a jacket potato and beans.

The |Highwayman, Dobwalls, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 320114     The veg stroganoff or veg burgers are not vegan but they may be able to leave cheese of pizza and make it vegan and the chips are cooked in vegetable oil so may be suitable if they are cooked seperate from the meat products.

Post Office House, Minions, Liskeard.     Tel: 01579 363386     In the cafe they could probably manage a salad sandwich but the vegetable pasties contain lard in the pastry.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Malcolm Barnecutt bakery, Liskeard.   ***   The No.18 Coffee House, Liskeard.   ***   New Lai Wan, Liskeard.   ***   Kwong Lee, Liskeard.   ***   Blakes the master bakers, Liskeard   ***   Taste Cornwall, Liskeard   ***   WT Warren & Son   ***   Bean, 6 Fore Street, Liskeard   ***   Chapel Bakery, 6 Rundle Court, Station Road, Liskeard   ***   Addingtons fish & chips, 59 Park View, Liskeard   ***   Royal Cafes, The Parade, Liskeard – All products are cooked in the same oil as the meat products   ***   Best kebab and burger takeaway, 1 West street, Liskeard   ***   Hurlers Halt Cafe, Minions, Liskeard   ***   Wheal Tor Hotel, Caradon Hill, Pensilva, Liskeard   ***   Colliford Tavern, Colliford Lake, Liskeard   ***   The Crib Box, Barras Street, Liskeard – Don’t understand vegan   ***   The London Inn, School Hill, Liskeard   ***

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The Tree Top Cafe, Monkey Sanctuary, St Martin, Looe, PL13 1NZ.     Tel: 01503 262532     Sun-Thur 11am-4.30pm     15+ vegan dishes @ £3-£7.50     LABELLED VEGAN     All vegetarian cafe with lots of vegan options, situated just outside the entrance to the monkey sanctuary so you can just come to eat if you wish. Uses fresh produce from local farms. The menu has lots of vegan options including soup, veg burger in a bun with salad wedges & vegan mayo, oven baked wedges, hummus pita & veg sticks, pasta with sauce & salad, veg sausage sandwich & homemade relish, hot dogs, nachos with chilli and vegan cheese, hummus & roast veg sandwich. Also, most desserts are usually vegan and may include chocolate cake or choc chip cookie.  Also stock soya milk for drinks.

Moonlight Tandoori Restaurant & Takeaway, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1AE.     Tel: 01503 265372     W     E     Sun-Sat 12 noon-2.30pm & 5.30pm-midnight, open 7 days a week including bank holidays, Closed Christmas Day     20+ vegan dishes @ Chapati £1.10, Stuffed paratha £1.60, Sides £3.30, Mains around £5.50     They cater for vegetarians and vegans.  All the vegetable dishes on the menu are vegan except the ones that list dairy or egg.  The stuffed paratha and chapati are also vegan.  Very good quality and service and recommended by local vegans who eat there regularly.     Yards away from the Quayside car park.

Ocean & Earth Thai Restaurant, Higher Market Street, East Looe, PL13 1BL.     Tel: 01503 263080       5pm-11pm for take-away orders.     5+vegan dishes @ take-away £5.50-£7     Thai restaurant and take-away that have had vegans in the past.  They can make dishes suitable for vegans usually by simply leaving out the fish sauce.  They also have tofu on the menu.     In the town centre.

Mama J’s Italian Kitchen Higher Market St, East Looe, PL13 1BS
01503 262787     One of the chef’s is vegan and a recent vegan guest had a vegan pizza with vegan cheese that they had in stock.  They were extremely helpful and accommodating of the vegan diet.

Ambleside B&B, Shutta Road, Looe, PL13 1HW.     Tel: 01503 263368      A vegan friendly B&B who declare themselves an environmentally aware establishment.

Daisy’s Cafe, Castle Street, East Looe, PL13 1BA.     Tel: 07988 803315     Mon-Sat 9am-4.30pm, Sun 10am-4pm     They can do jacket potato and salads as well as a very basic veggie breakfast.  A recent vegan visitor had a lovely pumpkin & chilli soup.  Updated 11/16.

Schooner Point Guest House, 1 Trelawney Terrace, Polperro Road, West Looe, PL13 2AG.     Tel: 07548 739271.    If notified in advance that you are vegan they can be incredibly accommodating.  One vegan guest had porridge with almond milk, vegan flapjacks and cakes to take out and in the room had a nakd bar and a vegan chocolate bar in place of milk chocolate and biscuits.  They highly recommended the place. It’s located 150m from Loose bridge.

Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro, PL13 2RJ.     Tel: 01503 272348   Food served all day till 9pm.     2+ vegan dishes     £7.95-£8.95     They do a vegan chilli or curry. The garlic bread has butter on it, and the onion bhaji, chips & poppadom are cooked in the fryers which have had animal products in them.  They are happy to substitute these for bread or vegetables.  The chef is very helpful. Tell them your vegan when ordering or ring beforehand. They try to keep a vegan option on the menu and they state on the vegetarian section of the menu that some dishes can be adapted to be vegan.  Vegan visitors there have given it the thumbs up and said the food is extremely tasty.  Opposite the main car park in Polperro.

Vegetarian and Vegan B&B Twelve Beacons Park, Pelynt, Looe, PL13 2PQ.    T 01503 221069.    A B&B run by a vegetarian for vegetarians and vegans.  Breakfast include a full fried option and they stock soya milk for guests.  Vegan guests have had an evening meal of red wine and mushroom cottage pie and a dessert of fresh fruit platter with vegan ice-cream and soya cream.     Located four miles from Looe.

Cafe Fleur, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1DT.     Tel: 01503 265734     They usually have a few soups that are vegan, jacket potatoes, sauteed potatoes & salads.  The sausages on the veggie breakfast contain cheese.

Somewhere Tapistro Restaurant, Crumplehorn, Polperro.     Tel: 01503 272969     The vegetable curry is vegan and they can make the mushroom stroganoff suitable if you tell them when ordering.  Salad bowls are also vegan and with notice they can offer more options.

New Peking Garden, Fore Street, East Looe, PL13 1AD.     Tel: 01503 2645000      Mon-Sat 12 noon-2pm & Mon-Sun 5pm-11pm     7+vegan dishes @ £4.25-£4.95     They can adapt vegetable and tofu dishes to be vegan if you ask when ordering.

Lascares Wine Bar, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1AE.     Tel: 01503 265565 / 0789 4235131     The vegetable fettucini is vegan or they can offer a different vegetable pasta dish if you tell them you’re vegan.

Treble Cafe, Llandaviddy Lane, Polperro, PL13 2RS.     Tel: 01503 272614     Open daytime & evening meals from 6pm, Closed Tuesday    Have had vegans in the past and can offer at least a tomato sauce & pasta dish.

Mawgans, Higher Market Street, Looe, PL13 1BS.     Tel: 01503 265331     Tue-Sun from 6.30pm     Bistro style restaurant that can make the mushroom risotto vegan by leaving of the cheese.

Archies Restaurant, Fore Street, East Looe, PL13 1AE.     Tel: 01503 262876     Some of the dishes will be vegan depending on what they have on at the time but the pizza bases are not suitable.

New Golden Bowl, No.2 Buller Street, East Looe, PL13 1AS.     Tel: 01503 264889     Chinese take-away that can check if vegetable dishes would be vegan when you order.  They don’t do tofu.

The Old Sail Loft Restaurant, Quay Street, Looe, PL13 1AP.     Tel: 01503 262131     Risotto or some other dishes can be made vegan with notice.

Morrells Bistro, Higher Market Street, East Looe, PL13 1BW.     Tel: 01503 263604     School Hols Mon-Sun 12pm-9.30pm, closed Tue, Rest of year Mon-Sun 11am-3pm & 6pm-9.30pm, closed Tue     £4.45-£29.95     Happy to cater for vegans with prior notice.     From Looe car park walk 200 metres down High Street, take 3rd left onto Higher Market Street. Morrells is on the left hand side.

Blue Plate Restaurant, Main Road, Downderry, Looe, PL11 3LD.     Tel: 01503 250308   Can adapt dishes on menu to be vegan or create itmes to suit.

Couch’s Great House Restaurant, Saxon Bridge, Polperro, PL13 2QT.     Tel: 01503 272554  They have dishes suitable for vegans and with prior notice they can provide more options.

The Rusty Bucket Coffee Shop, Higher Market Street, Looe, PL13 1BS.     Tel: 01503 264009     They usually have a vegan dish on the menu.

Holland & Barrett, The Old Post Office, Fore Street, Looe, PL13 1DT.     Tel: 01503 265550

Nelson Restaurant, Saxon Bridge, Big Green, Polperro, PL13 2QT.     Tel: 01503 272366     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Terrace Restaurant, Talland Bay Hotel, Porthallow, PL13 2JB.     Tel: 01503 272667     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS– Cornish Bakehouse, Fore Street, East Looe.     This Pasty chain does not offer anything suitable for vegans   ***   Pasty Presto   ***   The Noughts & Crosses Inn & B&B, Polperro   ***   The Ship Inn, East Looe – Don’t understand vegan   ***  Fore Street Brasserie, Polperro   ***   Bean & Scone, Polperro   ***   Marwinthy Guest House, East Cliffe, Looe   ***   Squid Ink, East Looe   ***   Zute Lounge, Bar & Kitchen, East Looe   ***   The Cornsih Bakery   ***

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The Ship Inn, Fore Street, Lostwithiel, Lerryn, PL22 0PT.     Tel: 01208 872374     3+vegan dishes     They often have vegan options on their menu such as roasted red pepper & tomato soup, avacado & pear salad and an aubergine & yellow pepper gratin, topped with vegetable oil instead of butter.  They understand vegan and are very helpful.

Bellamama Deli, 24 Fore Street, Lostwithiel, PL22 0BL.     Tel: 01208 872524     The falafel & flatbread is vegan.

Sandies Cornish Kitchen St Georges Park, Lostwithiel. T 07881 727614          Specialise in vegetarian catering and vegan produce can be catered for to order.

Penrose B&B, 1 The Terrace, off Scrations Lane, Lostwithiel, PL22 0DT.     Tel: 01208 871417     They can cater for vegans with rice milk, soya yoghurt and fried breakfast.

Golden Dynasty, Albert Terrace, Lostwithiel, PL22 0AF.     Tel: 01208 873199     Explain you’re vegan and they can adapt veggie dishes to be suitable including dishes with tofu that isn’t egg coated before cooking.

Fran’s Pantry, 1A Quay Street, Lostwithiel, PL22 0BS.     Tel: 01208 872407     Vegans in the past have contacted them in the morning and got vegan pasties in the afternoon.

Coulson’s Restaurant @ the Royal Talbot Hotel, Duke Street, Lostwithiel, PL22 0AG.     Tel: 01208 871611     Can adapt dishes to be suitable for vegans.

The Crown Inn, Llanlivery, PL30 5BT.     Tel: 01208 872707     Nothing on the menu is vegan but if you tell them at the bar you’re a vegan they can come up with a vegan option.

Trewithen Restaurant, Fore Street, Lostwithiel.     Tel: 01208 872373     They can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Tremont House B&B, 2 The Terrace, Lostwithiel, PL22 0DT.     Tel: 01208 873055      Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

Asquiths Restaurant, 10 North Street, Lostwithiel, PL22 0EF.     Te: 01208 871714     They can alter vegetarian dishes to be vegan on request or if you have more specific ideas contact them to discuss beforehand.

Duchy Nursery Cafe, Cott Road, Lostwithiel, PL22 0HW.     Tel: 01208 872668     Meditteranean roasted vegetable dish can be vegan but without the bruschetta that normally comes with it.

Koeschi eco B&B, Llanlivery, PL30 5BX.     Tel: 01208 871029     They are happy to cater for vegans.

Polmena House, Polmena Lane, Lostwithiel, PL22 0LB.     Tel: 01208 873792     B&B that are happy to cater for vegans and have done so in the past.

Benthams guesthouse, 50 Grenville Road, Lostwithiel, PL22 0RA.     Tel: 01208 872472     If you explain you’re a vegan they can cater for you with notice.

Penwoodforge B&B, Grenville Road, Lostwithiel, PL22 0ER.     Tel: 01208 873014     Can cater with prior notice.

Polgassick farmhouse B&B, Nomansland, Lostwithiel, PL22 0HY.     Tel: 01208 873503     They can cater for vegans with prior notice.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Terra Nova, 35 Fore Street, Lostwithiel   ***   Duchy Coffee Shop, 10 Fore Street, Lostwithiel   ***   The Globe Inn, 3 North Street, Lostwithiel   ***   The Kings Arms, Fore Street, Lostwithiel   ***   Lostwithiel Community Centre Cafe, Lostwithiel – They will however cater for vegans if they are holding a specific event   ***   The Old Chapel, West Taphouse, Lostwithiel   ***

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The Green Heart Cafe, 18 Tower Road, Newquay, TR7 1LR.     T 07723 491249/01637878894     W     A veggie/vegan restaurant that has more vegan than veggie options including vegan cupcakes at £2 each.  They also sometimes have very good raw cakes.     Located a few minutes from Fistral Beach a couple of hundred yards past Sainsbury’s on the edge of town.     Updated 04/16

Sprout Health Foods  [Health Food Shop / Vegetarian Coffee Shop]
The Old Printhouse, Crescent Lane, Newquay, TR7 1FZ
01637 875845      Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm
8+ Vegan dessert / cake / snack options @ £1.75 – £2.50
The wide range of predominantly raw sweet snacks and cakes are all vegan, gluten-fee and free from refined sugar, often served with a additional dollop of whipped coconut cream. There is a wide range of teas, coffees and alternative hot drinks available, along with a wide choice of alternative, plant-based milks.   2+ Vegan savoury dishes @ £3.50 – £5.25      The daily changing winter season hot pot is always vegan-friendly and gluten-free (£4.50 eat in, extra 75p for side of bread). Vegan (and gluten-free) pastys are available year round on a first come first served basis, phone reservations accepted (£3.50). Updated 11/16

The Beached Lamb Cafe, 72/74 Fore Street, Newquay, TR7 1EY. Open 7 days a week    One of the owners is vegan. They sell meat but most of the menu is vegetarian and loads of vegan options including breakfast, lunches, and even vegan milkshakes. Vegan options such as falafel, burger, chips, espresso & chocolate milk shakes and many vegan cakes. Nice laid back environment and prices very reasonable.     Updated 04/16

Ohana Beach Cafe, 21 Cliff Road, Newquay, TR7 2NE     W      Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thur-Fri 9am-11pm, Sat-Sun 8am-11pm      5+ vegan dishes @ £5.50-£6.95     LABELLED VEGAN     The labelled vegan dishes are a spicy vegan sandwich, a vegan breakfast that includes scrambled tofu, chilli, curry and more.  They have recently started offering vegan pancakes.  Ask for the vegan menu.     Opposite Newquay train station.

Whiskers, 5-7 Gover Lane, Newquay, TR7 1ER     Tel: 01637 498100     Mon-Sun 9am-11pm     Organic wine and beer bar with tapas and coffee bar.  Some options are labelled vegan and the cake is always vegan.  They stock soya milk for drinks and they have vegan salads, vegan pizza with vegan cheese, cheezy garlic bread and panini’s.  They are a sister company of the Beached Lamb cafe and sometimes have live music on.     Updated 08/16

No 5 Coffeehouse 5 The Crescent, Newquay, TR7 1DT     T 01637 851383     Currently open Tue-Sat, 10am-4pm (Closed Sun-Mon), Open 7 days a week May-September     They state on their website they cater for vegans, and in the past this has included sugar free and vegan chocolate & almond cake.

Maharajah Indian Restaurant & Take-away, 39 Cliff Road, Newquay, TR7 2NE.     Tel: 01637 877377   20+ vegan dishes @ £3.50 – £4.50     Their website states they have an extensive vegan menu.  Even more dishes can be prepared with a little notice and they have vegan breads. They understand and adhere to true vegan.    For dessert they also have two vegan flavors of incredible raw ice cream made with coconut milk, Raw chocolate or Coconut & Caramel.  They can be found directly opposite the Mexican cantina on the right hand side of Cliff Road.     Updated 03/16

The Venus Company Cafe Watergate Bay, Newquay, TR8 4AA.     T 01637 860297     10am-5pm, till 8pm in July & Aug     2+ Vegan dishes     A recent vegan diner had a fabulous vegan burger and vegan ice-cream but you will need to ask as they don’t advertise the fact.

Lusty Glaze Beach Restaurant Lusty Glaze Road, Newquay, TR7 3AE     T 01637 872444     E     Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm     5+ Vegan dishes @ About £3-£13     LABELLED VEGAN     The menu changes but they always have options for starters, mains and dessert that are vegan or can be easily adapted to be vegan.  They have had amongst many of the options veggie burgers and apple, granola & cinnamon crumble but see their website for menu

Concho Lounge 16 Bank Street, Newquay, TR7 1AY     T 01637 871707      Mon-Thur & Sun 9am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9am-12am    Number of Vegan dishes: 4 Brunch dishes, 1 Sandwich,
1 Soup, 3 Tapas, 2 Mains, 1 Salad, 4 Sides, 2 Puddings     Price:  Brunch dishes £1.80-£6.95, Sandwich £5.50+, Soup £4.50, Tapas £3.75 or 3 for £9.95, Mains £8.50-£8.95, Salad £7.95, Sides £1.25-£2.95, Puddings £1.85-£2.75     There is a vegan menu available; inform your server that you are ordering from this menu. The full list of suitable options is as follows.
Brunch: Chimichurri field mushrooms with potato, spinach & spring onion hash, fried aubergine, slow-roasted tomato & spicy beans, porridge made with soya milk and a choice of blackberries, & raspberries or maple syrup toppings, avocado brunch with lime, chilli, coriander & tomato serve on a toasted sourdough muffin, toast; two slices white or brown with vegan spread and a choice of jam, marmalade or Marmite.
Sandwich: Falafel ciabatta; sweet potato & basil falafels, hummus, red pepper & spinach.
Soup of the day, with warm ciabatta.
Tapas: Patatas bravas, hummus with extra virgin olive oil & smoked paprika, sweet potato & basil falafels with chimichurri.
Mains: Thai vegetable curry; peppers, aubergines, French beans, baby corn & bamboo shoots in Thai green curry sauce, served with jasmine rice, Falafel burger; butternut squash & nutmeg falafel burger with red pepper & tomato chutney, wood-roasted peppers, red onion & rocket in a sourdough bun, with house slaw & fries.
Salad: The big lounge salad; avocado, spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, green beans & tenderstem broccoli with croutons tossed in a choice of French vinaigrette or tarragon & mustard dressing.
Sides: Ciabatta (with or without olive oil & balsamic), fries, house slaw, little lounge salad.
Puddings: Dark chocolate & ginger torte, fruity flapjack.
Vegan wine is available, ask the staff. Soya milk is stocked for teas and coffees.

Warrens Bakery  23 East Street, Newquay, TR7 1DN.      Tel: 01637 850635     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Warrens Bakery  6a Bank Street, Newquay, TR7 1JF.     Tel: 01637 872389     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Green Chilli Indian Take-away, 8 Cliff Top Road, Newquay, TR7 1SG.     Tel: 01637 877402 / 877835  April-Sept 5pm-11pm, Oct-Mar 5pm-10pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays.     20+ vegan dishes     Side £2.75, Main £5.95.     Advise them you are vegan and they can make suitable dishes.     Between the Towan Blystra (Wetherspoons) pub and Berties nightclub. Virtually opposite the Griffin Pub.

The Stable, Fistral Beach, Headland Road, Newquay, TR7 1HY.     Tel: 01637 878311     Food 8am-10pm     £8.50-£12 for a pizza     They state on their website that the organic sourdough pizza bases are 100% animal free, as everything is made to order, vegans and vegetarians can drop the meat and cheese from any pizza.  They have started recently offering vegan cheese for pizzas.  The Billy the Kid (without the cheese) for vegans comes with caramalised onions, field mushrooms, fresh spinach, tomato and roasted hazelnuts.  Updated 11/16

Fresh 42 East Street, Newquay, TR7 1BE     T 01637 851515     A previous vegan guest called in advance to see if they could cater for vegans and they gave 3 options for mains.  The pumpkin & chickpea curry was awesome.  They had creamy garlic mushrooms for starters and a dessert that was awesome.  Have also offered guests vegan stroganoff  at short notice.  With a few days notice they can give you their vegan options.

The Chy Bar & Kitchen 12 Beach Road, TR7 1ES.     T 01637 873415     W     There’s nothing on the menu but the chef often makes vegan risottos, wraps, salads and pizzas so it’s worth asking.

Rowes Bakery, 22 Bank Street, Newquay, TR7 1AY.    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17

Caffe Nero  2 Bank Street, Newquay, TR7 1JF.     Tel: 01637 874118     See multiple outlets for details.     Updated 03/17.

Belushi’s, 35 Fore Street, Newquay, TR7 1HR.     Tel: 01637 857111  Bar who have had vegan dishes in the past. Explain your vegan to see if dishes are suitable or can be made suitable as they have a good understanding of veganism and tend to be accommodating.

Supper Club St Columb – bringing people together through food.      The idea of running a vegetarian supper club came about as I was looking for a way I could raise some money for The Katie Piper Foundation, a charity who support burns victims. In December 2014 my brother was a victim of a horrific acid attack leaving him with life altering injuries. The attack turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.  During the first six months following the attack I would often visit my brother clutching some homemade food parcel that would always raise a smile, and so I quickly established my role as ‘cook’ feeling relieved that I could help my brother in some small way. Food has a way of bringing people together through good times and bad. It was this idea that inspired the supper club.   The first Supper Club St Columb is on March 19th and then on the third Saturday of every month after that. It will be held at my home in St Columb Major. You can expect to enjoy two and a half courses (hors d’oeuvre/nibble followed by a main course and a dessert) of vegetarian dishes using seasonal local produce. My style of cooking is wholesome comfort food that has the ‘crowd pleaser’ factor. To give you a taste of some of the dishes on the menu there will be an aubergine caponata with chunky polenta chips, carrot keftedes served on a warm salad of beetroot, squash and chick peas, and a moreish pistachio cake served with rhubarb sorbet.  Some dietary requirements can be catered for if we know in advance.   All proceeds made will go to the Katie Piper Foundation. The suggested donation amount is £20 per person.      For more details of Supper Club St Columb and information on how to book please contact Camilla on 07525858817 or visit the face book page at

Rock Island Tapas Bar, Alexandra Road, Porth Beach, Newquay, TR7 3NB.     Tel: 01637 877271     From £2.75     Tapas bar where most of the vegetarian options are vegan. Just ask.     Near Porth beach touring park.

Cupcake Mama, 8 Trethiggey Crescent, Quintrell Downs, Newquay, TR8 4LF.     T 01637 839350     W     E     Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm     Cake makers specialising in wedding cakes and cupcakes.  They make delicious vegan cakes.

The Beach Hut Cafe on the beach, Watergate Bay, TR8 4AA.     T 01637 860877     Open 7 days, 8.30am-9pm     They cater for vegans with notice.  A previous vegan guest had a yummy aubergine dish.

St Pirans Inn, Holywell Bay, Newquay, TR8 5PP.     Tel: 01637 830205     There are vegan dishes on the menu, just ask. Also if you would like something else they can always make it. The chef only works Fri, Sat & Sun.

Indian Summer restuarant & take-away, 20 East Street, Newquay, TR7 1DH.     Tel: 01637 872964     £1.95+ per dish     They cook with vegetable oil or vegetable ghee unless stated and if you explain you’re vegan they can adapt dishes to be suitable. Vegetable jalfrezi and tarka dhal would be suitable anyawy.     East street is near Bank street.

Indian Dining Club, Station Approach, Newquay, TR7 2NG.     Tel: 01637 839125   Restaurant – Starters & sides £3.50-£4, Mains £6.95-£8.50. Take-away Starters & sides £2.95-£3.35, Main £5.75-£6.95.     Restaurant and take-away. All the vegetable dishes are cooked fresh in vegetable/mustard oil and when you arrive if you explain your vegan they will take extra care.     Directly opposite the Newquay railway station.

The Kestle Mill Soap Company, The Old School House, Kestle Mill, Newquay, TR8 4PJ.     T 07582 842009     W    E    Lovingly hand made 100% cruelty free and palm oil free vegan soaps, made in their own kitchen.  They contain only natural oils, butters, scents and pigments.

Mexican Cantina Restaurant, 38 Cliff Road, Newquay, TR7 2ND.     Tel: 01637 851700     They can cater for vegans with prior notice as most of their food contains dairy so they like a bit of time to be able to adapt dishes.

Viners Bar & Restaurant, Carvynick, Summercourt, Newquay, TR8 5AF.     Tel: 01872 510544     Happy to prepare vegan meals on request.

Watergate Bay Hotel, Watergate Bay, Saint Columb Minor, Newquay, TR8 4AA.     Tel: 01637 861000     Can adapt dishes on the menu with prior notice.

Lewinnick Lodge Bar & Restaurant, Pentire, Headland, Newquay, TR7 1NX.     Tel: 01637 878117     They cater for vegans and if you would like something that isn’t on the menu you can request a different dish.

The Quint, 2 North Way, Quintrell Downs, Newquay, TR8 4LA.     Tel: 01637 874427     Village Inn. Nothing on the menu is vegan but if you give them notice of what you would like they are happy to oblige.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Steam bar and restaurant @ Great Western Hotel, Newquay   ***   Cafe Atlantica & So Sushi Bar @ the Atlantic Hotel, Dane Road, Newquay   ***   Senor Dicks Mexican Restaurant & Fiesta Bar, East street, Newquay   ***   Buzios, 54/56 East Street, Newquay   ***   Fistral Blu Bar & Restaurant, Fistral beach, Headland road, Newquay   ***   La Luna Italian Restaurant, Morfa Hall, 22 Cliff Road, Newquay   ***   Kings Head, Lane, Newquay   ***   C-Bar and Terrace @ the Carn Marth hotel, Headland road, Fistral beach, Newquay   ***   Pasty Presto   ***   Jamies Pasty Shop, 6 Central Square, Newquay – Pasties were vegan but they have changed the recipe and they are not anymore   ***.  Wax, Watergate bay.  ***   The Cornish Bakery   ***

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Althea Library B&B, 27 High Street, Padstow, PL28 8BB.     Tel: 01841 532717   The veggie sausages are LABELLED VEGAN     One of the owners is vegan. Vegan breakfast options include fruit, porridge, soya yoghurt, soya or rice milk, pure spread, bread, mushrooms, tomato, hash browns, oven-fried bread, baked beans, vegan sausages, vegan muesli and some other cereals.

The Journeyman Restaurant Mellingey Mill, St Issey, PL27 7QU.     T 01841 540604  10+ vegan dishes     Main dishes £9.50     Indian, Thai & Chinese Restaurant.  They can offer most of their menu with vegetables as suitable for vegans as all their homemade pastes/sauces are free from any animal/dairy products.

Rick Stein’s Cafe 10 Middle Street, Padstow, PL28 8AP.     They can create a menu of vegan options at short notice.  Examples include crispy tempura vegetables, stir fry noodles, vegetable curry, mushroom bruschetta, Tibetan noodle soup, salads and lots of side orders.  A previous vegan guest was very impressed by the food.

Rojano’s in the Square, 9 Mill Square, Padstow, PL28 8AE.      T 01841 5327963     Can rustle up some good vegan dishes with notice.

Victorian Tea Room, 22 Duke Street, Padstow, PL28 8AB.     T 01841 533161     They have a good understanding of veganism and can offer jacket potato and beans, veg curry, soups with bread and can mix other options.

The Basement, 11 Broad Street, The Drang, Padstow, PL28 8BS.     T 01841 532846     W     They can adapt dishes such as salads, pastas or risottos to be suitable.  Other dishes can be discussed with notice.

Pucelli’s Restaurant, South Quay, Padstow.     T 01841 533313     W     Italian restaurant that can make pasta’s with tomato sauce or pizzas without cheese to be suitable for vegans.

Seven Bays Bistro, St Merryn, Padstow.     Tel: 01841 521560     They cook to order so can prepare vegan dishes if you request.

No.6 Restaurant & Private Dining, 6 Middle Street, Padstow, PL28 8AP.     Tel: 01841 532093   Tue-Sat 12pm-2.30pm & 6pm-10pm. Sun 12pm-3pm.     £5-£18 a dish     They can cater for vegans. Examples include English tomato gazapacho with mixed pepper piperade for starter, a taste of Cornish vegetables for main and a selection of seasonal fruit for dessert.

Pescadou Restaurant, South Quay, Padstow, PL28 8BL.     Tel: 01841 532359 / 533372     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – The Chough Bakery – Nothing is suitable as the vegetable pasty has egg wash on it   ***   The Padstow Pasty Company   ***   walkers fish and chips     – Sometimes the staff say the bean burger contains milk and the chips are cooked in beef fat, sometimes they say the chips are cooked in vegetable oil and the bean burger does not contain milk or egg.   ***   stein’s Patisserie   ***   Prince of India, St Merryn, Padstow   ***   The Cornish Bakery   ***

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Archie Brown’s, Bread Street, Penzance, TR18 2EQ.     Tel: 01736 362828     W     Shop Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm, Cafe 9am-pm.     Shop 5+ vegan dishes @ £2-£8, Cafe 5+ vegan dishes.     LABELLED VEGAN     Health food shop and vegetarian cafe. Everything from the cafe is made from scratch and mostly sourced locally and organic. They strive to be environmentally responsible and try to make the food as healthy as possible. From the cafe you could expect a vegan breakfast, soup, mixed salad, wild mushroom & millet burger and more on the specials board. The shop deli has things such as burger with salad , sausage and salad rolls and pitas.     At the junction of Market Jew Street and Causeway Head, face up Causeway Head. Take the first right, past days gone by.  Archie Brown’s is on the 2nd left hand corner at the Old Brewery Yard- opposite Mounts Wines and the Digital Peninsula Network.

Redwing Gallery, 36A Market Jew Street, Penzance, TR18 2HT.     Tel: 01736 711458.     Tue 1-5pm, Wed 11-5pm, Thur 11-8pm, Fri 11-5pm, Sat 11-5pm.    6+ Vegan dishes @ £1-£4.         LABELLED VEGAN.    A vegetarian cafe within a not for profit social enterprise art gallery.  Most of the menu is vegan such as miso soup, tomato & basil soup, curried parsnip soup, bruschetta, pizza with vegan cheese, cakes and flapjacks.    The entrance is on the pedestrian alleyway called Wood Street, which runs from the lower end of Bread Street.  Opposite the Crown pub on the Bread street side and near Supervolt on Market Jew Street.

The Granary, 15d Causeway Head, Penzance, TR18 2SP.     7+ vegan dishes.    LABELLED VEGAN.    Open till 5.30pm.    Tel: 01736 361869     Vegetarian health food shop, also selling salad, chilli, puy lentil bake, nut cutlet and other options to take away.  Also have raw sweet desserts such as lemon, lime and coconut slice.

Bleujennow Vegan B&B 2 Castle Road, Penzance, TR18 2AX.    T 01736 332238.    W     E     Prices depend on season from £65 per room based on 2 sharing (£40 single), 3-5 nights 10% reduction, 6 or more 15% reduction.    Vegan B&B that also do evening meals and picnics to go including cakes, cupcakes & cookies.  Also cater for raw, sugar free, gluten free and other dietary requirements.  As well as being vegan they have an emphasis on being environmentally friendly.     Located ten minutes walk from Penzance centre and the train and bus station.

Vood Bar  Fb: search Vood Bar     Vegan food van that cater at local festivals, events and weddings.  Once a month they are in Penzance.  Updated 02/17

The Bay Restaurant @Hotel Penzance, Britons Hill, Penzance, TR18 3AE.     Tel: 01736 363117     12 vegan dishes @ £25.50 for 2 courses, £33.50 for 3 courses    LABELLED VEGAN     Hotel that offers a seperate and extensive vegan menu. Starters include a wild mushroom and artichoke salad, mains include a tomato and roast aubergine stack with a side of tempura battered oyster mushrooms. Dessert includes battered banana or berry sorbet with berries soaked in cherry liquer to name a few options.  They have no difficulty in catering for vegans and the food is very good.

Cafe Dog & Rabbit North Row, St. Just, Penzance, TR19 7LB.    Tel: 01736 449811.    £2-£8.50.    4+ Vegan dishes.    LABELLED VEGAN     Closed on Mon & Tue     They stock soya milk for drinks and have between one and five vegan cakes that they have marked on a list behind the counter.  These may be banana cake, flapjack, parkin, ginger cake etc. At around £2 a piece.  They also stock two flavours of vegan booja booja ice cream at £2.50 or £4 for Affogato (ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over).  They also do a vegan breakfast that includes v-bites sausages and vegan margarine.  For small breakfast is £6.50, large £8.50.  Soups are usually vegan and possibly a main but these regularly change.  Quirky cafe with lots of bunny and dog related art dotted over the place.  They even have vegan handwash in the toilet.  In the centre of St Just on a small side street.

Blue Bay Cafe, Wharf Road, Penzance.     Tel: 01736 36615 . bay cafe penzance.   1+ vegan dish @ £8.00.     LABELLED VEGAN.     They have a homemade spicy vegetable burger, brioche bap, relish and handcut roast potato wedges for £8.00.  They also stock soya milk for drinks.     Along the harbour front on the edge of town. 

Coco Loco, 12 Bread Street, Penzance.     Tel: 01736 363091.    10+ Vegan dishes @ £2-£9.     Tue-Sat 11am-10pm.    Mexican restaurant that state on their menu that almost all of their dishes can be made vegan.     See cocoloco on facebook  for their menu.  A short walk from Causeway head in Penzance town centre.  On Bread street underneath Myrtle Woodcraft and opposite Mount Bay wine Company.

Mr Billy’s Cafe, 13-14 Market Place, Penzance, TR18 2JB.     Tel: 01736 367497    E     3+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     Mon-Sat 9.30am-5pm     Most soups are suitable for vegans and the fajita’s can be made vegan.  The apple spice cake at the time of print was vegan and labelled as such.  They say on their menu they offer vegan options and they also stock soya milk for drinks.     In Penzance town centre around the corner from the Wetherspoons pub.

Fire Dance Pizza  St Piran’s Hall, Goldsithney.     Tel: 07902 401461     Every Wednesday 5-8pm     After a successful trial of vegan pizza’s they have decided to now introduce a vegan menu.   You can call to place an advance order.  Call before 1pm for a wheat free base.  Around £10 for a vegan pizza.     Updated 01/17.

Mermaid Alley  45 New Street, Penzance, TR18 2LZ.     Tel: 01736 448982     3+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     Recommended by a recent vegan visitor.  They label dishes that are suitable for vegans such as potato and aubergine tempura salad.     Updated 01/17.

The Apple Tree Cafe  Trevescan, Sennen, TR19 7AQ.     Tel: 01736 872753     Cafe/Restaurant that have LABELLED VEGAN options.  Updated 11/16.

Warrens Bakery  Top Shop, Market Square, St Just, Penzance, TR19 7HD.     Tel: 01736 786677     ***   8 Bolitho Road, Heamoor, Penzance, TR18 3EH.     Tel: 01736 361808   ***   11 The Strand, Newlyn, TR18 5HH     Tel: 01736 366633   ***   34b Alverton Street, Penzance, TR18 2SJ.      Tel: 01736 362788   ***   10/11 Market Jew Street, Penzance, TR18 2HN.     Tel: 01736 362 746   ***     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Lavenders Deli, Bakery & Cafe, 6A Alverton Street, Penzance, TR18 2QW.     Tel: 01736 326800.  www.lavendersdeli     Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.    1 Vegan dish @ £2.70.    LABELLED VEGAN.     They sell a vegetable pasty that is labelled vegan.     Opposite the job centre in Penzance town centre.

The Fountain Tavern St Clare Street, Penzance, TR18 2PD     Tel: 01736 369340      Lunch noon-2.30pm Tue-Sat, Roast lunch Sunday noon-4pm, Evening dining is Tue-Sat 6pm-9pm     They have an excellent range of vegetarian and vegan foods on the menu including Sunday roast.     Updated o5/16

The Square, Market Square, St Just, TR19 7HD.     Tel: 01736 786766        They used to have a vegan sandwich menu but this seems to be replaced with an option of vegan spread in your sandwich.  The salads and pizza bases may also be vegan.

Stone’s fruit & Veg, 3-4 Market Square, St Just     Fruit, veg and health food section selling selected products such as tofu & vegan yoghurt.  The attached ice-cream shop has mini booja booja and zen zen vegan ice cream pots.  There may be more vegan ice cream too.

Borea Barn Vegetarian B&B, Nancledra, Penzance, TR20 8AZ.     Tel: 01736 360559     W     A vegetarian b&b that have a good understanding of veganism and can easily cater for vegans.     Located in a small village called Nancledra exactly between St Ives and Penzance, just off the B3311.

The Cutty Sark The Square, Marazion, TR17 0AP     They have a separate vegan menu with soya milk for drinks.   Updated 09/16

Taj Mahal, 63 Daniel Pl, Penzance, TR18 4DU.     Tel: 01736 366630     W   5.30pm-11.30pm     £5.95-£6.95 take-away mains     Nepalese and Indian restaurant that is good for catering for vegans, just explain when ordering.  Dishes such as Aloo Tama (black eye beans, potato and bamboo shoot cooked in Nepalese style or Crunchy courgettes.  Also lots of the vegetable side dishes are vegan and can be done as mains and the Roti can be made vegan.     Near the seafront by Wharf shopping centre.

Little Bo Cafe Cove Hill, Sennen Road, Penzance.     T 01736 871900     Recent vegan guests got Sweet potato & coconut soup and they stocked vegan margarine.

The Island Cafe, St Michaels Mount.     They have a vegan & gluten free chocolate cake.  They can also do a jacket potato & beans and soya milk in drinks, however the pasties are glazed with egg.

Baba Indian Restaurant & Take-away, The Promenade, Wherry Town, Penzance, TR18 4NP.     Tel: 01736 330777   Tue-Sun 12pm-2pm & 5pm-10.30pm, Mon closed     15+ vegan dishes @ £5-£8     Most of the vegetarian dishes are vegan and the staff are happy to help with dietary requirments, such as coeliacs and gluten free.

Pizza Patio Al Fresco, 4 New Road, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5PZ.     Tel: 01736 363446     Italian restaurant and take away. They prepare food from fresh and are happy to adapt dishes to be made vegan. The pasta does not contain egg and the pizza bases are vegan, made from flour and water.

Rowes Bakery, 73 Causewayhead, Penzance, TR18 2SR     &     91 Market Jew Street, Penzance, TR18 2LG.    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17

The Queens Arms, Botallack, St Just, TR19 7QG.     Tel: 01736 788318     Dishes from the menu can be adapted for vegans such as: spicy bean hot pot served with choice of potatoes, butternut squash and puy lentil curry, chefs pasta and some of the starters. Sorbet option also suitable for vegans.

Sokothai, 47 Queen Street, Penzance, TR18 4BQ.     Tel: 01736 360049   12am-2pm & 5pm-11pm, 7 days a week     Starters about £5, mains about £6     Thai restaurant that can make some of their food vegan on request. They can do it for Massaman curry but not the red or green curries. You could have starter pancake rolls, tempura veg or peanut parcels or a mixture to share followed by Massaman curry and rice with banana cooked in coconut milk for pudding. Check if the tofu is suitable for vegans.  The food is amazing and the place has a lovely atmosphere. The staff are really lovely.     Opposite the old bingo hall.

Ricardo’s Pizzas, 1 Taroveor Road, Penzance, TR18 2AA.     Tel: 01736 366353/364098     W     Open everyday 5.30pm-11pm     5+ vegan dishes @ £7.19-£12.99     They have a large vegetarian pizza menu and the pizza bases are vegan.  They are happy to leave off the cheese or use vegan cheese instead if you take some in.  There are a few health shops nearby to buy vegan cheese from.     At the top of Causewayhead.

Rosie’s Tea Rooms 28 Market Jew Street, Penzance, TR18 2HR     They can offer vegan options if you ask.

Peppercorn Kitchen Cafe, Lynfield Yard, Perranuthnoe, Penzance, TR20 9NE.     T 01736 719584     W     E     10am-3pm, last food orders 2.30pm, Closed on Mondays for winter season     £4.50-£7.50     1+ vegan dishes     A middle eastern cafe/restaurant that cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets.  This mostly consists of salads or dahl but they do look good.  They also stock soya milk.

Southern Comfort Hotel, Seafront, 8 Alexandra Terrace, Penzance, TR18 4NX.     Previous visitors said they had no quibbles with doing a vegan breakast and bought in vegan sausages, soya milk, margarine and yoghurt specially.

Chapel St Brasserie, 12 Chapel Street, Penzance, TR18 4AW.     Tel: 01736 350222     Can accommodate vegans and any other particular dietary requirments. Dishes might be something like: roasted stuffed peppers and imam balyidi (baked aubergine).

Keigwyn Farmhouse, Nr Morvah, Penzance, TR19 7TS.     Tel: 01736 786425     W     E    Vegetarian B&B (but bacon is on offer if requested) in Keigwyn, a farming hamlet on the B3306 coast road between St Ives and St Just. Also home to the Yew Tree Gallery.

Sea Waves B&B, 4 Marine Terrace, Penzance, TR18 4DL.     Tel: 01736 368053   State on their website that they offer vegan options, but you do need to give them notice if you want soya milk.

The Kings Arms, The Square, Marazion, Penzance, TR17 0AP.     Tel: 01736 710291     Food served 12pm-3pm & 6pm-9pm every day     £4.95     If you specify you’re vegan and ask for no wine in your gravy they can adapt the chips, roast veg and bisto gravy to be suitable.

New Sunny City Chinese & Thai restaurant & Take away, 33 Market Place, Penzance, TR18 2JF.     Tel: 01736 363424/363126     Open 7 days a week, Mon-Sat 12pm-2pm & 5pm-11pm, Sun 5pm-11pm, also open bank holidays     Main courses £3-£4.80 take-away     4+ Vegan dishes     Explain your vegan and they can adapt dishes to be suitable. They do tofu which isn’t coated in animal products and so you can have dishes such as tofu with ginger & spring onions.     Right in the centre of Penzance.

Newlyn Art Gallery Cafe, New Road, Penzance, TR18 5PZ.     Tel: 01736 363715      They stock soya milk and are happy to adapt a couple of dishes such as paninis to make them vegan.

The Cook Book Cafe, 4 Cape Cornwall Street, St Just, TR19 7JZ.     They stock soya milk and understand vegan.  They are happy to make requested dishes and always open to suggestions.  There are many vegetarian dishes.  The bread is made locally and is suitable for vegans.  They did however have in their own newsletter an article which seemed to be supportive of a local pro-hunt event.

The Boatshed Cafe-Bar, Wharf Road, Penzance, TR18 4AS.     Tel: 01736 368845   £2.50-£10 a dish     They do have some items on the menu although it is farly limited. Check with them what is vegan.     On the harbourfront a little way out of town.

Ben’s Cornish Kitchen, West End, Marazion, TR17 0EL.     Tel: 01736 719200     Tue-Sat 11am-2pm & 6.30pm-9pm     There is always something available for vegans but if you give prior notice they can prepare more options.     Situated just a few steps away from the Causeway leading over to the legendary St Michaels Mount.

Mount Haven hotel & restaurant, Turnpike Road, Marazion, TR17 0DQ.     Tel: 01736 710249     £5.50-£19.50     They are used to vegans as they’ve had them stay in the past. Outside the daily menu they do specials so just let the chef know you are vegan.

White Hart Inn, Higher Church Town, Ludgvan, Penzance, TR20 8EY.     Tel: 01736 740574     The menu has some vegan dishes and they can adapt dishes with prior notice.

Pure Nuff Stuff, 6 Chapel Street, Penzance, TR18 4AJ     Tel: 01736 366008     W     A shop that sells a range of vegetarian cosmetics, many of which are also vegan.  All products are SLS and paraben free and are not tested on animals.

Luna Rossa, 12-13 Chapel Street, Penzance, TR18 4AW.     Tel: 01736 350222     Happy to cater for vegans but prior notice is recommended.

The Old Coastguard, The Parade, Mousehole, Penzance, TR19 6PR.     Tel: 01736 731222   Pub that seems to understand veganism.  They may have vegan options on their menu at times but to be sure they need prior notice.

Savoy Cinema Restaurant & Bar, 16 Causeway Head, Penzance, TR18 2SN.     Tel: 01736 332001     The spicy bean burger may be vegan, they would be happy to check the full ingredients on request.

Sportsmans Arms, Heanoor, Penzance, TR18 3EH.     Tel: 01736 362831     Lunch 12pm-2pm, Dinner 7pm-9pm     Starters £3.50, Mains £6.95+     Vegans catered for with prior notice and they are dog friendly.     Take the A30 Penzance Road. When you arrive at Tesco roundabout take 2nd exit, signposted Lands End, still marked A30. At 2nd roundabout take 4th exit, signposted Heannor, they are a few hundred yards on the right.

Woodstock Guest House, 29 Morrab Road, Penzance, TR18 4EZ.     Tel: 01736 369049     Vegans catered for with prior notice at this four star guesthouse.     Just off the promenade between Morrab gardens and Penlee Park.

Holland & Barrett, 3 Market Place, Penzance, TR18 2JA.     Tel: 01736 331855     Health food shop.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Modern chinese, Causewayhead, Penzance   ***   Poolside Indulgence, Penzance   ***   Sandbar at Praa Sands, on the beach, Praa Sands, Marazion   ***   The Godolphin Arms, Marazion, Penzance   ***

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Countrystore Healthfoods, 3-5 Bond Street, Redruth, TR15 2QA.     Tel: 01209 215012    Cafe opening times Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 9.30am-3pm, Sun closed     9+ vegan savouries 6+ vegan cakes     Organic hot meal £4.30 Dine in, £3.60 Take-away, Salad £4.30 Dine in, £3.80 take away, Cakes & snacks from £1.95, Sandwiches & wraps £4.20 Dine in, £3.50 Take-away      Health food shop with an organic coffee shop.  The coffee shop sells a range of organic cakes such as orange polenta cake or millionaires shortbread, a daily soup, sandwiches and teas/coffees with a choice of non-dairy milks.  There are always vegan options.  They now have a separate vegan menu for savory food and a vegan cake menu, many of which are also gluten free.  The hot meal of the day as well as the falafel sandwich is always vegan.  The owner is vegetarian/vegan and understands/promotes this.

Green Star Natural Store Forest Farm, Pencoys, Four Lanes, Redruth, TR16 6LZ     T 01209 481194    8+ vegan dishes     Meal deal main & pudding £5, Main & salad £3.50, Pudding £2.50, Juice £2     They have a vegan takeaway from Wednesday to Saturday.  Vegan soup on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s vegan, gluten free and sugar free.  An example of their food includes Parsnip pie with beetroot almond crust, carrot, spiced squash & garam masala, raw chocolate torte and avocado and lime cheescake. They also stock Benecos natural make up, much of which is vegan.

No.8 Bed & Breakfast 8 Chariot Road, Illogan.     T 01209 697356 / 0777 9769850     Opening Easter 2016     A stylish vegetarian/vegan B&B.  Big in wholesome, homemade and natural produce.  Delicious homemade evening meals available.

Fire Dance Pizza  Stanley Way, Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth.     Tel: 07902 401461     Every Saturday 5-8pm     After a successful trial of vegan pizza’s they have decided to now introduce a vegan menu.   You can call to place an advance order.  Call before 1pm for a wheat free base.  Around £10 for a vegan pizza.     Updated 01/17.

Warrens Bakery  77 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2BL.     Tel: 01209 215066     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

Prima Bakeries Ltd Wheal Rose Bakery, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5BX.     Tel: 01209 820321     E:     They have vegan pasties that have a soya glaze.  They can be orederd by the dozen through the post for £36 and they also have vegan shortbreads, flapjacks etc.  They are just off the A30 at Scorrier on the way to Wheal Rose & Porthowan.   Updated 01/17.

Carn Brea Castle, Carn Lane, Redruth, TR16 6SL.     Tel: 01209 218358     Starters from £4, Mains from £12.95. Thur-Sun 6pm-9pm bookings only. Booking is essential as the restaurant is popular. Charming and quirky restaurant serving Jordanian food set in the historic ruins of Carn Brea Castle at the top of Carn Brea. Although there are no vegan dishes listed on the menu the owner understands veganism and can put together a large mezze with plenty of choice, humous, olives, okra, aubergine, broad bean dip and more for around £12 a head. Garlic mushrooms are recommended, you can also ask thm to make extra food when you first order and take it away at no extra cost.     The castle is the building near the monument on the big hill (Carn Brea) visible from the surrounding areas of Redruth and Camborne. Accessed either by Carn Lane off the road to Carnkie from the B3297 towards four lanes from Redruth. Or by foot on one of the various tracks going up the hill.

Zest Deli Cafe 37 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2AE.     T 01209 213307     Mon-Sat 8am-4pm, Sun Closed     They try to have a vegan cake but it’s not always possible.  They also try to provide sandwiches and soups that are suitable for vegans.

Amity Tandoori 5 Highr Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2AJ     T 01209 212101     E     Indian restaurant & Takeaway that are happy to advise which options are vegan and adapt other dishes to be suitable.  A recent vegan visitor was very impressed with their visit here.     Updated 05/16

Rowes Bakery, 38 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2AE.     Tel: 01209 215234.    The wholemeal vegetable pasty is suitable for vegans.    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17

The Golden Lion Inn & Lakeside Restaurant, St Ithians Lake, Menherion, Redruth, TR16 6NW.     Tel: 01209 860332     3+ vegan dishes @ £10.95     LABELLED VEGAN     They offer vegan dishes on their menu such as the spicy stuffed peppers with new potatoes & vegetables at £10.95.     At St. Ithians lake between Redruth and Falmouth.

Hung Ming, 1b Chapel Street, Redruth, TR15 2BY.     Tel: 01209 212888     Delivery 5pm-10.50pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays     5+ vegan dishes @ £2.50-£4.20     Chinese takeaway that does vegetarian chicken. The chicken is the tinned gluten and they are happy to use this with other dishes such as chicken curry or chicken and cashew nuts. Explain your vegan. Credit cards not accepted and minimum delivery order is £8.     In Redruth town centre.

The Plume of Feathers Inn, Scorrier, Redruth, TR16 5BN.     Tel: 01209 822002     3 vegan dishes @ around £8     They can cater for vegans but explain when ordering. One of the dishes they currently have is a mushroom, potato and spinach curry with spiced yellow rice (ask for no nan). It is possible to get more options with prior notice.     Half a mile from Scorrier House.

Pura Pressed     E     A sustainable healthy food and drinks business, focused on creating nutritious convenience products such as juices, smoothies.  Deliveries to Redruth or can be purchased using click and collect service from Natural Health Centre in Redruth.

Penventon Park Hotel, West End, Redruth, TR15 1TE.     Tel: 01209 203000                 2 vegan dishes @ around £8-£9.     3 star hotel that has pasta puttanesca (with tomatoes, capers, olives and rocket, request no parmesan) and vegetable and nut curry. With notice they can offer other dishes.

Lisboa, 12 Penryn Street, Redruth, TR15 2SP.     Tel: 01209 210127     3+ vegan dishes @ around £5-6     Portugese restaurant. Vegan label is incorrect on their menu it should be vegetarian. Rice, beans with pepper, rich salad, beans “a braz” a few dishes on offer. When ordering these be clear that you want them with no milk, cheese, egg, cream, or yoghurt just to be on the safe side.

Melting Pot Cafe, Krowji, The Old Grammar School, West Park, Redruth, TR15 3AJ.     T 07915 252757     W     Mon-Tue 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-11pm, Thur-Fri 9am-5pm     Can do a vegan lunch such as salad and hummus.

Sunny City, 2 Chapel Street, Redruth, TR15 2BY.     Tel: 01209 314430     Chinese, thai restaurant and takeaway that does beancurd dishes and a greasy but good battered vegetable starter. WARNING Check your order carefully as chicken triangles were sent by accident once and other times spring rolls were left out.

Sunset House, Glenfaedon Terrace, Portreath, Redruth.     Tel: 01209 842283     Guesthouse that caters for vegans.

New Life Health, Rose Cottage, Ting Tang, Carharrack, Redruth, TR16 5SF.     Tel: 01209 822207     Health food shop.

Holmewood Natural Health, Holmewood, United Road, Carharrack Road, Redruth, TR16 5QY.     Tel: 01209 821905     Health food shop.

Tricky’s Cornwall Restaurant, Tolgus Mount, Redruth, TR15 3TA.     Tel: 01209 219292     Vegetarian dishes can be made vegan but it’s best to give notice.

WARNING – Mack’s Fish & Chips & The Captains table restaurant, 9a Higher Forest, Redruth – Customers have been told in the past that chips were cooked in vegetable oil but a customer was recently told everything is cooked in beef dripping.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – The Sandwich Stop, Alma Place, Redruth   ***   Golden Lion & Lakeside restaurant, St Ithians lake, Redruth   ***   Morrishs Fish Restaurant & Takeaway, Bucketts Hill, Redruth – All their food is cooked in beef dripping including the vegetable burgers.

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Let Them Eat 44C Sunnybanks, Hatt, Saltash.      T 07508 360035     Facebook – letthemeatcakecornwall     Cake makers that specialise in gluten free, dairy free and vegan.  The cakes are made from fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes, courgettes and butternut squash with nothing artificial added.  They attend events around Cornwall and are able to supply other areas in Cornwall.

Rowes Bakery’s, 109 Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6AL.    5+ Vegan dishes     LABELLED VEGAN     The wholemeal vegetable pasty or Vegan Thai Pasty is vegan at £3.35, but not the mini wholemeal vegetable pasties.  Also tea cakes, hot cross buns, saffron cross buns, chocolate and orange buns and sultana and lemon buns are vegan.   Updated 02/17.

Warrens Bakery  49 Fore Street, Torpoint, PL11 2AD.     Tel: 01752 812436     2 Vegan dishes @ £3.25     LABELLED VEGAN     A chain pasty store that have recently added two pasties to their range.  The Vegan green Thai pasty and the fiery Mexican pasty, both come highly recommended.     Updated 03/17.

The Kitchen, 8 Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6JL.     Tel: 01752 844578     They do a vegetarian breakfast but the sausages appear not to be vegan.  If you explain you’re vegan they can adapt they breakfast and give you more of the hash browns, toast or whatever you like.

China City, 18 Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6JL.     Tel: 01752 843314     If you specify you’re vegan and don’t eat fish sauce they can adapt dishes to be suitable.  The beancurd is not egg coated before cooking.

Brunel Inn, 83 Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6AE.     Tel: 01752 842261     If you tell them at the bar you’re a vegan they can adapt dishes to be suitable.

Saltash Tandoori Restaurant, 23-25 Lower Fore Street, Saltash, PL12 6JQ.     Tel: 01752 848194   Explain you’re a vegan when you order and they can adapt dishes to be suitable.

The Boatman, 3 Old Ferry Road, Saltash, PL12 4EH.     Tel: 01752 842099     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS :     Westlake chinese restaurant & takeaway, 2 Lower Fore Street, Saltash   ***   The Ploughboy Inn, Liskeard Road, Saltash   ***   The Weary Friar, Pillaton, Saltash   ***   Polnoon Pasties, 125 Callington Road, Saltash – They pastry for the pasties contains lard   ***   Petit Pain, 81 Fore Street, Saltash   ***   Jennifer’s Delicatessen & Pattiserie, 62 Fore Street, Saltash   ***   Palfrey’s Bakery, 114 Fore Street, Saltash   ***   Blue Moon Indian Restaurant & Takeaway, 37 Lower Fore Street, Saltash   ***

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St Agnes & Perranporth

Good 2 Go, 44 St Pirans Road, Perranporth, TR6 0BJ.     Tel: 0753 8482089.    E mail:   10+ Vegan dishes     ALL VEGAN     A vegan food trailer with a static pitch in the centre of Perranporth.  Offering falafel, salads, sandwiches, chilli, hot dogs, cake, ice-cream, hot drinks, smoothies and cold drinks.  They have a couple of picnic benches besides the trailer, which is very handy if the sun is shining.     Two minutes from the beach.     Updated 03/16

The Cuckoo Cafe St Agnes Miners & Mechanics Institute, 18 Vicarage Road, St Agnes     T 01872 553870     2+ vegan dishes.   Cakes about £2, mains around £5.    They make a real effort to have vegan options.  Soups are usually vegan as well as a veggie chilli and a chocolate and beetroot cake.  Recently they have had a banana cake, chocolate brownie, scones (sweet & Savory) and moussaka all of which were vegan.  They also stock soya milk and cream.     Updated 03/16

The Sorting Office Churchtown, St Agnes, TR5 0TE     T 07807 324088     Monday Closed, Tue-Sat 8.30/9.30am-4/4.30pm, Sun 10am-4pm     4 vegan dishes @ £1.80-£2.50.    They offer wonderful coffee with soya and almond milk available.  They also do a delicious berry and raw chocolate cheese cake, chunky monkey cheesecake, peanut butter cheesecake, baobab energy ball.  All these are gluten free, sugar free, raw and delicious.     Updated 03/16

The Cornish Pizza Company, 68 Vicarage Road, St Agnes, TR5 0TH.     Tel: 01872 553092     W     Mon 5pm-9pm, Tue-Sun 5pm-9.30pm     1+ vegan dish @£8.95     LABELLED VEGAN     The wheal charlotte pizza on the menu is labelled vegan with their own recipe tomato sauce, semi sundried tomatoes, black olives, toasted pine nuts, capers, garlic and fresh basil.     In the main street through St Agnes.     Updated 03/16

The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company  44 St Pirans Road, Perranporth, TR6 0BJ     Tel: 0739 2921983     E:     They supply vegan pasties by post or to some food outlets.  Updated 01/17

The Victory Inn Porthowan, Towan Cross, TR4 8BN.    T 01209 890359.    LABELLED VEGAN     Prices around £6-£8.50.    They have a really nice vegan nut roast for Sunday lunch and have a vegan burger on the main menu.  The burger comes with homemade salsa & chips, £6 for a 4oz, £8.50 for a 7oz.  A lovely pub, nice atmosphere and very friendly staff and regulars.     Updated 03/16

The Unicorn  Beach Road, Porthowan, TR4 8AD     T 01209 890244     Pub where the Mexican Monday menu recently had two labelled vegan dishes on it.     Updated 04/16

On the Beach Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes, TR5 0RY.     T 01872 553149     Some of the vegetarian options can be altered to suit vegans.

Taste Restaurant, 40 Vicarage Road, St.Agnes, TR5 0TF      W     They are happy to adapt some of their vegetarian options to be vegan.

Miners Arms, Mithian, St Agnes, TR5 0QF.     Tel: 01872 552375     12pm-2.30pm & 6pm-9pm, 7 days a week     Lovely old pub where one of the kitchen staff is vegetarian and understands vegeanism.  If you say at the bar you’re vegan they can adapt some of the vegetarian dishes to be suitable or with notice they can provide something extra special.     Updated 03/16

The Mustard Seed, Redhouse shopping centre, Boscawen Road, Perranporth, TR6 0EW.     Tel: 01872 571421     W     Open 8.30am-5.30pm     Health food shop that also sells vegetables.     Updated 03/16

Churchtown Fruit & Veg    Churchtown, St Agnes, TR5 0QW     T 01872 554111     Shop thats sells a good range of fruit & veg much of which is organic.  They also stock violife cheese, vegan mayo, vegan chocolate bars and plenty more.     Updated 03/16

Pura Pressed     E     A sustainable healthy food and drinks business, focused on creating nutritious convenience products such as juices, smoothies.  Deliveries to Perranporth or can be purchased from the Mustard Seed in Perranporth or click and collect to Mustard Seed.  They also do deliveries t0 Perranporth.

Flaming Wok, Mile Hill, Porthowan, TR4 8TY.     Tel: 01209 890342     If you give prior notice they can adapt dishes to be vegan and sometimes they have tofu. However, you must explain your vegan and from the menu itself they have very little on offer.

The Bolingey Inn, Penwartha Road, Bolingey, Perranporth, TR6 0DH.     Tel: 01872 571626     They have vegan items on the menu, just ask. Otherwise they can make a dish of your choice with prior notice.

Whitehouse Inn & Luxury lodge, Penhallow, Perranporth, TR4 9LQ.     Tel: 01872 573306     Can cater for vegans with prior notice.

The Rocks Seafood Restaurant at Seiners Hotel, Beachfront, Perranporth, TR6 0DP.     Tel: 01872 573118     With a days notice they can provide a selection of vegan options.

The Tin Fin Restaurant, 4 Beach Road, Perranporth, TR6 0JL.     Tel: 01872 572117     10am-9.30pm, lunch served 12pm-3pm & dinner 6pm-9pm or 9.30pm     £2.95-£16.95     They say vegans are most welcome.

Nisa, 4 churchtown, St Agnes, TR5 0QW.     Shop that sells a wide range of vegan products such as soya milk, soya yoghurt, cream and margarine.     Updated 03/16

WARNING – The Filling Station, Perranporth.     Although you can have a hummous and salad baguette one researcher found a big piece of ham in their baguette. The owner is friendly and promptly refunded. This appears to have been a case of cross contamination.

NOTHING SUITABLE FOR VEGANS –  Driftwood Spars restaurant, Trevaunance Cove, Quay Road, St Agnes   ***

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